Miss Nichols' Kindergarten

This Past Week

This week we have been working on following directions and our different voice levels.

See if your student can tell you what the different levels mean :)

In reading we worked on letters g and m and sight word the! We are working on letters and their sounds and our sight words and recognizing them by sight. Also we are working on using the pictures to help us figure out what words are in our reading.

In math we worked on our numbers 0-10, counting, patterns, and following directions.

Have your student count for you as high as they can!

Next Week

In math we will work on writing our numbers, an introduction into coins, and a look into the tricky teens.

In reading our letters are l and h and our sight word will be we.


Stefany- 3

Gabby- 9

Aiden- 10

Hansini- 26


September 5- Labor Day: NO SCHOOL

September 13- Picture Day

October 10-14- Fall Break!


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