By: Daelyn Sanders


Hi! Are you worried about going to Lineville? I once was in the same spot that you're in right now. I was pretty scared about Lineville, but I followed these rules and it made Lineville way easier.



Gym is very different in Lineville than in the elementary schools. Changing is one big difference from elementary school. First, you have to go into the locker room and get to your locker. Second, get dressed and go into the gym. Another big difference is paper tests. You take a pretest in the beginning of a unit. After the unit you do the real test and get graded. In gym you do new units like archery, swimming, DARE, and badminton. The teachers in gym are Mr. Alexander, Mr. LaBlonde, and Mrs. Shultz. You might be scared at first to change or do tests, but it turns into a normal routine that you do every other day.


Most people get really excited for art. They start getting excited because you get to make optical illusions, water paintings, and stuffed animals. In art you get to make anything you want. For the water paintings you get to draw any place you want. Also for the stuffed animals you can make anything from an owl to an octopus. The teachers for art are Mrs. Van or Mrs. Grizwa. I hope you have a great time in art!


Music is one of the most creative specials. Music lets you describe how you are feeling. If you are playing something or singing it when you are angry your music is very loud and powerful. On the other hand if you're happy you'll play or sing very enthusiastic. In Lineville you get to choose if you want to take Choir, Orchestra, or Band. When you are in Choir you sing. You get to sing and learn songs like Brave. In addition to that you also have the choice of Orchestra. In Orchestra you get to choose from violin, viola, cello, or bass. In band you get to choose from the clarinet, flute, trombone, baritone, trumpet, or bells. If you choose Orchestra, Band, or Choir have fun with it and enjoy it.

Spanish and Technology

When you're in Lineville you get to have Spanish and Technology. Each semester you either have Spanish or Technology then you do the other one in the next semester. In Technology you do things on the computer like making Google docs, typing, and quick quizzes. The teachers for technology are Mrs. Meyers and Mr. Kelly. First always put on hand sanitizer before touching the keyboard in Technology. For Spanish you learn about classroom commands, The Alphabet, numbers, and history about Spain. Also in Spanish you only have one teacher and she is Señora Vandenheuvel. She also gives out candy when you get an answer right. Have fun with the new things that you will learn throughout all of these specials even though they might be scary at times.


You will find lunch in Lineville very different. You have a choice of Commons food, District food or cold lunch each day. After you get your lunch, you have a choice of A la carte. In A la carte you can get:

  • Snapple

  • Juice

  • Water

  • Cookies

  • Bagels with cream cheese

  • Sour raisins

  • snack pack

  • pudding

  • granola bars

  • Pretzels

After you get your food you can sit wherever you want. When you're done with eating you have to do these steps. First you have to put your hand up so they know that you are ready to go. Second you have to wait until they call you. After they call on you, pick up all of your food and go to the trash cans. Then you dump everything out that you had on your tray. Finally you go outside and play. That is why lunch is very different in Lineville.


In Lineville you get freedom by walking in the hallways without a teacher by your side. But if you don't follow the rules a teacher will have to walk you to your specials and classes. The rules are simple. First you have a 4 minute passing time between each class, so be on time. Second make sure you are following what tape color you're in. If you're walking in a red tape zone you can't talk. If you're in the blue tape zone you can whisper. Lastly, make sure you walk. There aren't a lot of rules for the hallways in Lineville but make sure that you follow the ones you have, otherwise you could get a minor.


In Lineville kids stress the most about lockers. In the beginning it looks hard, but it isn't if you follow these steps. First you have to spin the lock to the right to clear it. Then you get it on your first number by turning it to the right to get there. After that, you spin it to the left and pass your first number, then end on your second number. The third step is you spin the lock to the right and pass the second number to the final number. When you are done with these three steps pull down on your lock and it should open. If not try these steps again. After that, get all your things you need and slide the lock over and push up. The final step is to zero-out the lock. That means to set the lock back to zero. With a few tries, the lockers will be an easy thing that you do each day.


There's no need to worry about Lineville. It's like any other school once you get to know it. I hope you have a great time and good luck!
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