Calling all SUPERHEROES!

Fifth Grade News, Week of August 19

Letter Request

Dear Parents,

I have always been a huge supporter of frequent home-school communication. I have experienced first-hand, through the experiences with my own two children, what an impact teachers can have on the lives of their students. It is my hope that this note will serve as the basis of a year’s worth of dialogue between us. We will discuss your child, what’s happening in class, ways you can support your child’s growth (social and academic), and ways I can extend what you do at home in school.

My hope for this kind of ongoing dialogue leads me to the homework assignment I mentioned during our home visit. Would you take a few minutes to jot down some thoughts about your child? What shouldn’t I wait to find out about her? What are his greatest strengths, her proudest achievements, or favorite subject in school? What will I notice about him? What are the things you admire most about your child? How does she learn best? Feel free to include anything you would like for me to know.

Why am I asking you to do this? I believe that when parents and teachers communicate openly and regularly about a child, the child is more likely to have a happy and successful school year. The more I know about your child, the more effectively I can meet the needs in my classroom. My goal is to make this year the best it can be for each student in my class.

Please send your letter to school with your child or bring it with you to Open House. If you would prefer to use email, that route would work, too. I look forward to reading your letter!

Debbie Bishop