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Student Spotlight: Meet Hannah Sokol

This week's feature was written by a truly inspirational student and person. D-B EXCEL's faculty and staff have had the privilege of running into her on a daily basis, or at least watching her interactions with others. Some say the true nature of a person is best revealed by how they treat others when they think no one is taking notice - this is what we have noticed about Hannah.

Hannah possesses an authentic modesty. Despite her athletic accomplishments, including being really fast; a D-B Track and Field record holder; and a future scholarship runner at ETSU, Hannah maintains a quiet focus. Her work off of the track is just as impressive; apart from her extra-curricular achievements, Hannah balances a collegiate level academic schedule and a part time job. Her successes are a testament to her intelligence, hard work, and the intangible qualities that allow her to brighten a moment and inspire the better side of those she encounters. Please enjoy the following as you read about Hannah's high school career and her experience at D-B EXCEL.

Learning for a Modern World

By Hannah Sokol

Everything around us is always changing. There are software updates, improved technology, and newer versions of everyday necessities constantly coming out. Scientists and Mathematicians have formulated luxury into technology and, businesses, communities, and the public as a whole, have adapted and reformed their lives to assimilate with the rapid growth of these devices. Despite all of the change around us, the slowest yet most vital part of a community has failed to grasp the wonders of this technology. School systems all over America still rely on old fashioned and outdated forms of learning. Children and teens doze off as the teacher flips the packet to the other side and begins on the 8th page of the notes. As the world grows and alters to show the wondrous potential held within, school systems need to adjust likewise. D-B EXCEL greatly exemplifies the proper way to utilize the gifts of science to maintain a world class education.

As young adults prepare for college, a long to-do list awaits them in order to stay competitive for scholarships and college admissions. By offering a blended learning environment, students gain the opportunity to learn at their own rate, whether that be faster or slower, and have time to work, do community service hours, and compete in athletics or other extracurricular activities. D-B EXCEL offers a flexible schedule to students who prove themselves as hard working and dedicated. By staying caught up on course work and having good attendance, D-B EXCEL grants students days to work individually from the comfort of their own home. The online courses show the student’s progress through a percentage of course completed and percentage of correctness. After every lesson, assignment, quiz, and exam, a student easily monitors his/her progress through the school year. The progress bar turns red when a student falls behind, which helps students motivate themselves to catch back up. Excel’s program perfectly exemplifies 21st century education.

My freshman and sophomore year of high school I found myself very lost. After going through four years of family struggle, I ended up living poverty stricken with my mother and five other siblings. My father and I had lost any relationship we once had and school did not seem important to me anymore. I worked more hours than I could handle so I could help my mom, and my grades slipped. I will never forget all of the teachers asking if I was okay, and what they could do to help. My junior year I decided I would not be mediocre anymore. I wanted more for myself and my future. I manage working 20 hours a week while also maintaining a 96% or higher in all of my classes, two of which included AP English 11 and AP Biology. However, I overworked myself and ended up in the hospital where I was treated for dehydration, malnourishment, and exhaustion. It seemed as if I couldn’t win. I don’t know where I would be if D-B EXCEL had not swooped in and saved me.

The most important part of D-B EXCEL is the loving staff that helps run the school so beautifully and gives personal attention to each student. Even with the wonderful programs offered online, one on one attention is often needed for a student to fully grasp a topic. I have been lucky enough to meet with the EXCEL’s wonderful staff to achieve my goals. My senior year, I found myself in the arms of the EXCEL program. Through the EXCEL program I have managed outstanding success in my running career, academic goals, and have managed a healthy life style. I now work 35 hours a week, double what I once did, but eat, drink, sleep normally due to the EXCEL’s flexible schedule and loving staff. I am still enrolled in AP Statistic’s at the main campus but have teachers at EXCEL that enthusiastically help me with AP Statistics anytime I need. The EXCEL Stats teacher generously gave me a book to read over the summer even though I am not enrolled in his class. In addition, I have discovered the wonders of 3-D printing and design, and Abode Photoshop in my digital arts class! Pre-calculus has also been easy to manage due to the guiding computer program. Every day that I walk into the school, the attendance lady knows me by name and gives me a warm smile. The smaller environment and well driven teachers, principals, and Board of Education make D-B EXCEL a perfect fit for busy teenagers.

To conclude, D-B EXCEL has greatly improved my life and is the stepping stone to Kingsport City School’s future. Once wrapped up in bad reputation, EXCEL is breaking free and showing its true colors, as not only an exceeding education system, but also as a life changer. EXCEL is different on purpose, for a purpose, and that purpose is shown through every early graduate, scholar, athlete, and hardworking student that takes advantage of the blended learning environment that Principal Mrs. Hensley orchestrates to run so smoothly. The adventure is not over for this school. With more staff, students, and additions to what the program has to offer, D-B EXCEL is only going up from here, and I am honored to have witnessed and have been a part of it.

EOC Testing Schedule for the Week

Tuesday, May 2nd

Algebra 1

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Any student not testing will work virtually on this day. Any student finishing "early" must stay until all are complete.

Wednesday, May 3rd


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Thursday, May 4th

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Planning for Next School Year

In preparation for next school year, D-B EXCEL students will be required to attend every Friday regardless of progress, grades or attendance. Fridays will no longer be for extra support but instead a regular school day.

Another change for the 2017-18 school year will be that all D-B EXCEL courses that have an EOC (End of Course Exam) will be taught in Canvas, not Edgenuity. Because of this, all parents will need to set up the Canvas Parent Application to view grades and progress. For specific instructions on how to set up the Canvas Parent App, please see the article at the bottom.

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400 Clinchfield Street

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Summer S.H.O.U.T Schedule:

1 full week in June and 1 day in July

If you are interested in the S.H.O.U.T Youth Leadership program you may pick up an application from Mrs. Kerkhoff or in the lobby.
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