Rhetorical Fallacy Analysis Project

You will be creating a project for the SBBB and TechnoExpo!

The Task

You will be assigned a certain rhetorical fallacy and will need to research that fallacy to learn as much about it as you can. You will then find an advertisement (product, action, political, etc.) that uses that fallacy to persuade its audience. A thorough analysis of the advertisement will be presented in a rawshort, animoto, or any other type of digitally created video of your choosing using the stipulations in the rubric.

Must Include

You will work in groups of 2/3 (no more than 3) to include the following in your video:

1. Definition of a rhetorical fallacy

2. Definition of your specific assigned fallacy.

3. Statement that gives example of your fallacy.

4. Advertisement that represents the use of that fallacy

5. At least two other graphics other than the advertisement

6. Answer the following questions:

a. What is the purpose?

b. Who is the intended audience?

c. What reasoning and evidence is used?

d. Is the evidence relevant?

e. Is the reasoning sound?

7. Voice Presentation

8. Bibliography citing your sources.

Click here for more ideas for videos.

Turn In Stations-Submit your videos to your class padlet.