Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Great Chilean Earthquake of 1960

The Great Chilean Earthquake of 1960 occurred on May 22nd, and was the worst recorded in the 20th century. With deaths ranging to an estimated 490 to 2,290 it caused more than 500 million dollars’ worth of damage. The earthquake triggered many tsunamis afterwards which added to the hysteria. The day before was filled with a series of fore shocks that promised an even bigger disaster. The earthquake hit at approximately 7:11 pm. The shock was estimated to have a magnitude of 9.5, but was later argued to be 9.4 or 9.6. The epicenter of the earthquake occurred near the city of Valdivia, Chile. The fault displacement source of the earthquake was longer than an estimated 560-620-mile stretch of the Nazca plate, which subdued under the South American plate. The focus point of the earthquake, was 33 kilometers deep (21 miles).