who am i?

Personality, Emotions, and Social Intelligence

This is me

My Personality

From the past to the present, my personality has changed drastically. As a child I used to be a major introvert. I would hide behind my dad’s leg whenever he tried to introduce me to someone, only talk to my parents, had few friends, and stayed to myself. Looking back at my personality, I realized that some of my actions were just common child behaviors, but I kept to myself because I was so shy. Looking at my life now I am still an introvert and I get most of my energy from being alone, but my social skills have improved a lot and I enjoy talking to people I have never met before.

High school has shaped me in a major way, and piece by piece I understand my personality better. I am a very quirky person. I appreciate all the weird things in life. I am a sarcastic, joyful, and positive person. When I am comfortable around a person I am usually loud and laughing, but I consider myself an introvert. I get my energy from staying home, relaxing, and reading a good book. I am also very opinionated and argumentative. I like to debate over topics because I love hearing other people’s opinions, but I like to prove my point as well. I have very strong morals and values that set me apart from others and also shape my personality. I am a very observant person and I tend to see things from multiple perspectives, so my personality can come across as very imaginative. I believe that over the years I was nurtured from the world around me to have firm beliefs. Since I like to ponder and observe different things about the world, I understand the reality of situations- good and bad. That is why I try to be a positive person all the time because I can (sometimes) truly grasp what others cannot.

I believe my personality has changed and blossomed over the years because my parents nurtured me to stand up for myself and to make my voice known. Being nurtured into feeling like you should be recognized gave me a major confidence boost and improved and expanded my social skills. Now I love to meet new people and be involved in activities. I am not that shy and timid little girl I used to be.

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I think my emotions and my personalities are very similar. When I am around people I am comfortable with I will openly express my emotions. However, on a regular basis, for example- at school, I tend to be reserved with my emotions.

On a daily basis I think I express positivity and my witty emotions. By witty emotions, I mean my sarcastic attitude, but not in a hateful way. I love to laugh, so

if I can be positive and laugh throughout the day then I will feel great. If I am feeling angry or bitter, I try to keep it to myself. I don't think it is fair to put someone else in a bad mood just because you are. I feel uncomfortable in situations where I feel sad or if someone around me is sad. I am not very good at comforting people because I don't want to say anything that could offend them or possibly upset them more. I would consider my emotions to be reserved because the only emotions I truly express are when I’m happy and smiling. My parents taught me to be very compassionate towards others, so I show that towards a lot of people. I am a good listener, but not an advice giver. In the future I need to work on regulating my emotions. I let my emotions overwhelm me sometimes and get caught up in them. I need to learn to balance and control my emotions to become a more well-rounded person.
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I think my nature and nurture played a huge role in the development of my social/emotional intelligence. I am very much like my dad. He doesn't take life too seriously, he is always joking about, and he sees life in a similar way. The nurture of my father helped my emotions and personalities develop as a child, but now that I am older the nature of the world and people around me has made me who I am. I try to see life in a different perspective from everyone else. For example, the idea of popularity and fame does not seem satisfying or relevant to me at all. I think being famous for having a talent, example- a singer- shouldn't be idolized because we are all the same, human. No one is better than anyone else. That is going into my morals now. The nature around me affects my personalities because I try to be different. While everyone is trying to be normal, I’m all about being weird. The nature of the world and people have influenced my emotions too because I only show my emotions to people who I know care about how I feel. People in the world can be very cold-hearted, so I tend to be reserved around strangers until they prove themselves trustworthy.

Through discovering how my social and emotional intelligence really is, I can be very stubborn. In the future I need to be more accepting to the ideas and thoughts around me. My stubbornness could hinder how my personality comes across to another person. Being more perceptive to the ideas around me could really benefit me in the workplace by collaborating with others and being a leader. This can be an area of growth I need to improve upon to benefit my future.
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Before I understood the importance of social and emotional intelligence, I did not realize the role it plays in my everyday life. In learning thorough information about how regulating and improving my emotion and social intelligence. How I interact with people and my emotional reactions are key elements to improve upon for my future. Being more social will potentially help me interact with others in the work place and meeting new people. Having a high emotional intelligence level can help me be more empathetic and comforting towards others.

The importance of understanding my emotional/social intelligence and my personalities helps me better understand myself. My personalities are an image of myself expressed through emotions. When I can fully grasp the ideas and reasoning of my emotions, it helps me control and balance them. In the future, I hope to be a more well- rounded and stable person emotionally and socially.