Steve Jobs Monument Proposal

By Ryan Bate

Monument for Apple CEO Steve Jobs

-Commemorating the life and innovations of Steve Jobs.

-Steve Jobs has taken the world very far when it comes to personal technology.

Current Monuments

Monuments already in place

This includes:

Proposed Monument Design

New Memorial

-Black grainet

-Modeled off of The Apple II

-Newest screen

-Newest keyboard

-May show history of Jobs on desktop

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Background info

Who is Steve Jobs?

-One founder of Apple

-CEO of Apple when he passed

-Life of innovations

What is Apple?

-Technology company

-Most sucessful





-Beats headphones

-Many more

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Who's against it?

-People who are anti-technology

-Homophobic people (apparently)

-People that worked at Apple, but hated it

-People who are anti-Apple




-Donations from people moved my Steve's life and his products