Spring Detox

House cleaning for the home that is your body

There is more than one way to cleanse the body

Join a discussion with Emily Stock of Sundial Medicinals about the many ways to detoxify the body. Detoxification is crucial for maintaining health, and can reverse many degenerative bodily processes. Our modern world is filled with dangerous toxins, many of which mimic hormones in the body, causing a wealth of problems. This class will give you tools for cleansing with food or fasting, and guide you through many herbal and external therapies that support and stimulate detoxification. Spring is the natural time of cleansing; you will leave this class with the inspiration and knowledge to begin your own unique detox program. The cost of the class is $15.

2 Hour Intensive April 26th from 6-8pm

Meet the Instructor:

Detox therapy is what inspired Emily to begin her journey into the world of natural health seven years ago. Since then, she has experimented with and witnessed many different external therapies, as well as internal herbal therapies that support the body in these natural processes. Her biggest satisfaction when working with detoxification are the results - it takes dedication, but your body will thank you for it!