1J Newsletter


Marble Jar Celebration!

We enjoyed our marble jar celebration! Thank you to all who helped and contributed to make this a success!

Collecting data about marshmallow preference in hot chocolate!

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In reading we have been working hard to:

- ask and answer key details about a story

- describe the beginning, middle, and end of a story

- read and appropriately write words with digraphs, bonus letters, and glued sounds (ask your kiddos)

- identify story structure (character, setting, problem, solution)

- use phonics skills to decode text

We are now investigating informational text; such as, text features and how they help the reader understand information.


We have completed our Narrative Small Moments Unit, and yesterday your child should have brought home the last of their writing pieces. We are so impressed with their hard work!

We will continue to work on Narrative Small Moments every Monday.

Our next unit is Informational Writing! First graders really enjoy this unit and are able to tell us about topics they know about. You can help the process by having an informal discussion about what topics your child knows about. In the beginning, first graders feel they do not know much, but as the unit goes on they are excited and surprised at how much they know!


Previously we worked on:

- even and odd patterns

- exploring the 120's number grid

- counting on the number line

- adding and subtracting on the number line

- telling time to the half hour

- frames and arrows

- counting pennies, nickels, and dimes

Preview to what's coming up:

- part-part-total

- reading and creating graphs

- non-standard measurement

- exploring base ten blocks