EHS Media Center

March Newsletter

Books: More Precious than Gold

Angel Martinez chose this month's theme. His bulletin board featured a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Book covers decorated the background. Students also participated in a contest to guess the number of gold candy eggs in a jar. Fate Calton won by guessing the exact number-153 eggs.

Computer, tech, and media center usage

  • Teachers reserved the computer and mobile labs for 29 periods in March.
  • 606 students visited the media center independently and signed-in to our log.
  • Talent Search met with students for 3 periods.
  • 493 materials checked out
  • 474 materials checked in
  • 32 materials were renewed
  • 37 new books were added to the collection
  • 353 materials were deleted
  • 6 patrons were added to the database
  • $451.12 damage fines remains outstanding.