The Sunday Message

Announcements, Resources, Celebrations 8/6/18

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Have you joined the PTA?

Please consider joining the PTA and volunteering for one or more of our many committees to support our school staff, teachers, and students. Purple PTA Membership Forms and yellow Volunteer Forms have already gone home for Tracks 1, 2 and 3. Forms for Track 4 families will be in this week’s Tuesday folders. Like last year, we are having a Classroom Membership Contest. The class that ends up with the most parents/families joining the PTA will receive a special treat!

So far...

Ms. Bandi’s Track 2, 1st grade class is in the lead.

Ms. Chavis and Ms. Larson are tied for 2nd place.

The contest runs through the end of August.

Did you know?

PUE PTA is offering a free gift to the first 20 families of each track that sign up for the PTA. Additionally, the PTA members will also receive 10% off pizza purchases for family fun events and 10% off Spring Fling entrance fees.

We are introducing MemberHub this year.

It is an online communications system for the whole school. You can select committees to volunteer with, and then, you’ll receive information about events and dates that will take place for that committee. Once you have joined the PTA you will be prompted on how to join Member Hub. More specific information will continue to be shared on this great resource.




Lot's of staff birthdays this week. Happy Tuesday birthday to Media Specialist, Sarah Fry, Thursday birthday to Instructional Assistant Rhonda Crum and Saturday birthday to Special Education Teacher Renee Barber. Hope you have great birthdays.



Have you seen the new PUE Field Trip T-shirts? Awesome!! Go to or visit the school store on Mondays (credit cards will be accepted) or Wednesday (cash and check only). We are not retiring the original design!! You can purchase the original paw design at a discounted price, while quantities last, or try out the new panther logo in both cotton/poly blend ($13) or dry fit ($14)! The new shirts were a big hit at last week's Open House. Fourth and Fifth graders will have their own signature shirts again this year so order yours at the school store website or turn in your paper order form. All 4th and 5th grade shirt orders are due by THIS FRIDAY, August 10th.

Interested In Eating With Your Child?

It has been great to see so many parents coming in to join their children for lunch. Be aware that we have have added a homeroom to our school this year. This has caused us to use more of the cafeteria at any given time. We hope that you will take advantage of coming in to eat with your child(ren). Best days to eat with the kids are Monday through Thursday. Fridays can get crowded. Please use the designated tables in the cafeteria and in the front hallway. Due to the more limited space please limit the visit to your child and ONE friend.



Open House for Track 4 is next Tuesday, August 14th. There will be two sessions; one at 6:20 and the second at 7:25. This is a great opportunity for you to meet your child's teacher and learn more about the instructional plan for child's class for 2018-19.

Our After School Program will again be offering child care for Pleasant Union students kindergarten through 5th grade FREE OF CHARGE. However due to staffing and facility limitations, we have to limit the total to the first 100 registered. Please use this LINK to register for the child care by Friday, August 10th at 12 midnight. We already have 30 students signed up. Registrations are time stamped and first 100 students will be sent a confirmation by the After School Program. More information regarding check in procedures for your child will be posted in next week's Sunday Message.




Wake County Schools require all volunteers to renew their volunteer registrations each year or if they are new to volunteering register for the first time. Registration approval enables you to go on field trips with your children and to work with small groups and individual students. Be sure to renew or register ASAP as many field trips are coming up in September and the fall of the year. It is also a quicker turnaround to register before Traditional Calendar parents begin registering. During the first week of school 8 stations will be set up in the main hallway. Otherwise, the office has a station available each day until 3:15 pm. We will also have stations available at both Open Houses (see calendar below).



Pleasant Union Before/After School Program: The before school program begins at 7:00 a.m. and ends at 8:45 a.m. The after school program will run from 4:00 to 6:00. If you would like to find out more about the program go to Before/After School Program or to their BLOG.

Stem for Kids: Offered Wednesday Afternoons from 4-5:30 pm.

Registration for Stem For Kids after school programs is now open. Four great programs are being offered this year. Please note that the program will be 90 minutes this year from 4-5:30. Check the programs out and register at Stem for Kids.

TGA Golf and Tennis Offered Monday afternoons (4-5 pm)

TGA introduces the life-long sports of golf and tennis at a young age through programs that provide a fun and enriching experience for children while being a convenient and affordable option for parents. Our dedicated coaching staff help students develop their skills and a passion for golf or tennis while using the sports as a vehicle for delivering curriculums that are loaded with educational concepts including STEM and life skills such as respect, honesty, perseverance and sportsmanship. Go to INFO FLIER to find out more about when the program will be offered and Register HERE.

KidzArt : Offered on Tuesday afternoons (4-5 pm)

Pleasant Union will be offering KidzArt again this year on Tuesdays from 4-5. Go to the REGISTRATION LINK to sign up for the Tuesday afternoon program. A representative from KidzArt will also be at Open House to share information about the program and registration.

Bow Time: Offered on Thursday afternoons beginning August 23rd. from 4-5 pm.

Many parents have already expressed an interest in having their child learn to play the violin. As a result, we will be offering this program beginning on Thursday, August 23rd. If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity for your child (or children), go the Bow Time website and to fill out the on-line registration form for each interested child. Deadline for the Fall session is August 5. Once registered please join your child for an information session on Thursday August 9th at 4:00 pm in the Pleasant Union music room. Bow Time also encourages your child to participate in the program even if you are tracked out.




Please send any transportation changes to your child's homeroom teacher by written note or by alerting the office by 12:00 Noon to insure that the proper change of transportation is communicated to your child.


Please walk your child into the school if you arrive at 9:10 or after. Our Safety Patrol is on duty until 9:10. Also, please be aware that the school doors open at 8:45 for students NOT enrolled in the Before School Program. Students are considered on time if they are in their classrooms ready to start the day at 9:15. If a child arrives at 9:14 and is not in their classroom by the the 9:15 bell they are considered tardy.


It is important for safety and the efficacy of our carpool that we remember that a single line should be maintained in the morning until the arrival bell rings at 8:45 and then at 3:15 in the afternoon. Cell phones should be put aside once the carpool line starts moving. It is essential that your focus is on student safety at that time. I have directed staff to ask you put your phone down if it is being used once carpool has started. We can't afford any student injuries, especially when preventable.

Carpool Numbers: THANKS TO ALL THAT HAVE OBTAINED AND DISPLAY THEIR CARPOOL NUMBER. If you do not have a carpool number please stop by the office to pick one up. Staff will remind you of this as you come through our afternoon carpool line. It is important that you then hang your carpool number on your mirror until your child gets in the car.


Bus tags with your child's name address and phone number will be attached to your child's backpack at the start of the year. A staff member and the bus driver will look for this prior to getting on the bus in the afternoon. If your child's falls off a replacement will be made.


Please be aware that WCPSS safety guidelines state that if a parent or adult is not at the bus stop to receive your child the child will be returned to the school and you will be called to pick up. During the first weeks of school it is wise to be at the stop early to prevent your needing to drive to the school for pickup.


Mark Your Calendar

Friday, August 10

  • 12:00 Midnight Open House Child Care Deadline-1st 100 students registered

Tuesday, August 14

  • Open House, Track 4 (Session 1 at 6:20, Session 2 at 7:25)

Friday, August 17

  • Early Release, Students released at 1:15
  • Track 2 track out

Monday, August 20

  • Track 3 Track In

Tuesday, August 21

  • 8:15 PTA Meeting