Issue 34 - September edition - Coronacation Continuation

Rimrock Cross Country Starting Strong

This year’s Cross Country teams are off to a great start. We have full girls and boys teams for High School and Middle School has a full boys team but has only 2 girls for the girls’ team. Melissa Raymond is returning to coach both MS and HS. They had their first meet on Wednesday, September 2nd in Hazelton. The schedule for Cross Country is still sort of in the works and is changing all of the time. The meet in Hazelton was runners only, very few spectators were allowed. The boys team did well, with Loyd Boren coming in 26th with a time of 20:49, Juan Allamilla coming in 37th with a time of 21:35,Cooper Raymond coming in 56th with a time of 23:39, and Garrett Kunsky coming in 73rd with a time of 28:28. Zeke Ochoa and Victor Lemus were not able to run in this meet. The girls team came in with Ella Boren in 9th with a time of 23:40, Goya Lemus coming in 36th with a time of 27:30, Lisbeth Ayala coming in 40th with a time of 27:49, Ashton Moore coming in 44th with a time of 28:22, Dayanara Hurtado coming in 58th with a time of 36:09, and Cristal Araujo coming in 63rd with a time of 38:50. The Jr. High teams have a meet today, Thursday 9/3. The boys team consists of Carson Raymond, Dylan McNeley, Crew Merrick, and Colby Shaw. The girls team consists of Kaydence Shank and Lainee Raymond. Rimrock Cross Country is ready for a great season!

By Cooper Raymond

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Fresh Meat🥩

Bibbity bobbity boo. This year's new teachers are a dream come true. We have received a great addition to our staff. Meet our new history teacher Mr.Griggs, he’s a cursive loving guy and loves to listen to the song Billy the Kid. Also introducing Mrs.Malika, she is our new Dean of Students, she's a sweetheart and super funny. She enjoys helping students and she even loves to discipline them :). Our new counselor, Mrs.Abbott, does an amazing job. She has loads of kids coming in and out of her room and still manages to end the day with her beautiful smile! You can talk to her about anything, including how you're feeling, about your schedule, etc. Last but probably not least ! We have Mrs. Lacey, an amazing science teacher. She is fantastic at what she does and knows exactly how to make you smile. We are very proud of our new staff members, and are excited to see them grow with all of us as students.

By Sam Ochoa

Tricky, Tricky, Tricky

This year for volleyball is going to be very tricky. Not just because the volleyball team lost their senior setter Laura Gasper but with COVID also making things difficult. COVID has changed the way the team dresses, the way they eat food, and how they interact with the other team. No longer able to change into their uniform at opponents schools, they must be dressed before getting on the bus. Also, the team has to plan out what to eat for their dinner before the game because they can no longer stop and eat on the fly. They must either pack a dinner, have their parents bring a dinner, or order from a restaurant beforehand. And unlike the normal congratulations at the end of the game, they “smile and wave… just smile and wave”.

In spite of all of the trickiness, our Raider girls are ready to take on all comers; be that other teams or COVID itself!

By Abby Meyers

Rimrock kicks off the year against Greenleaf

Rimrock Football has started strong with their 18 of their 20 players taking the field at Greenleaf for the first game of the season. On Friday the 28th they brought back an impressive 58-0 domination. They came off the bus looking like a team that wanted the win and succeeded for Rimrock. A great start to the season, men! One of our team leaders Micheal Nanney reminded us, “It was a great game! But we got better competition coming up.” With a start like this, how can we go wrong?

By Ira Black

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There are 8 girls on the cheerleading team; Paden Winings, Shyann Carothers, Ana Ramirez, April Varela, Jimena Hurtado, Lisbeth Ayala, Vivyana Villarreal, and Annakay Winings, with Lisa Martinez as the coach. Covid has struck again as it has left the cheerleaders trying to find a way to get to away games because there is no bus available right now. However, that is not going to stop our rowdy cheerleaders from inspiring our team. Cheerleading helps give you confidence, and you can make new friends.

By Ana Ramirez