Mrs. Butler's Class News

December 12th 2014


This week in reading we made an Animoto about our leveled reader. We wrote a summary about our leveled reader. We added the main idea and three facts to our Animoto. Our class also made our own target tab about our leveled reader. We also learned about graphic sources. Graphic sources show and explain information in the text.


Map, Chart, and Graph

By: Kacy and Dean


In Science we went to Miss. Komo's classroom to do an experiment about how color absorbs heat differently. First, we voted on which color would absorb the most heat. Second, we checked the heat of the colors at 8:45 and 12:45. Finally, We all came back to Miss Komo's classroom to check the temperature for the last time. The color that absorbed the most heat was black.

By: Conor and Shayan


In math we have been learning the traditional multiplication method. We have also learned how to multiply 3 digit numbers by one digit numbers. We also practiced multiplying two digit numbers by two digit numbers. Every Friday we take a one minute timed test. Some people take a one minute division test.


One digit by two digit


* 5


By: Brandi and Kosta

School Updates

Car Riders

Please remember that students cannot be dropped off before 7:50 in the morning. Car riders need to stay in their cars until the morning bell rings. If parents need child care services before school, they can call the Huntley Park District at 847-669-3180 x 316 or Martin Elementary School does not have staff than can supervise students before the first bell rings at 7:50. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter, for the safety of all of our students!

Hour of Code


Our students will be participating in the Hour of Code during Computer Science Education Week, December 8-14. Last year, 15 million students tried computer science in one week. This year, we're joining students worldwide to reach 100 million students! For more information go to