Best Friends With The Player

Written by: Kylee McWilliams

Chapter 1- Best Friends With the Player

Chapter 1- Best Friends With the Player


You see that little girl sitting in the corner over there all by herself reading... Her name is Kimmy. She’s six years old and everyone in kindergarten picks on her because she is smart, and really quiet. But deep down she’s great. If someone took the chance to get to know her, she would be irresistible to them.

That little boy back there laughing with his group of friends, his name is Asher. Everyone likes him because he’s funny, and adorable. He’s cool for a six year old, he gets along with everyone. He likes to make everyone happy and laugh.

What they don’t know is that in two minutes Asher and Kimmy are going to become the greatest of friends.

“Hey Kimberly! Where’re your glasses!?” The annoying little brat named Tyler said to Kimmy.

“Umm... I... I left them at h-home,” She said quietly feeling shy.

“Aww, that’s too bad! Hey Kimmy what’s on your shirt?” Tyler joked pointing.

Kimmy looked down to see what Tyler was talking about and when she did his finger ran up her face poking her in the forehead. All the kids started laughing and pointing at Kimmy. She felt stupid and humiliated; She was on the verge of crying.

“Hey! That’s not nice. She didn’t do anything to you,” little Asher ordered Tyler.

“Ash I was just playing with her. Right Kimmy?” He snickered. Kimmy nodded her head forcefully feeling a tear trickle down her face.

“Just leave her alone, Ty.” Asher told him.

“Whatever dude, you’re no fun,” Tyler complained walking back to his desk to finger paint.

Asher turned back to Kimmy who was sitting on the floor, silently crying to herself. Asher felt bad. She didn’t have that many friends, she always seemed to be alone. He grabbed her a tissue and handed it to Kimmy and sat down next to her.

“Here,” Ash said handing her the tissue. “I’m sorry about Tyler; He’s kind of a meanie.”

Kimmy smiled weakly nodding her head. She murmured a quiet thanks. Whipping the tears on her face. Asher smiled at her, an idea popping into his head.

“Hey, want to finger paint with me?” He asked Kimmy.

She looked at him as he was fully serious. No joke what so ever. She was surprised that Asher had asked her to play with him. No one had ever asked to. When she said a quiet yes, he spoke up.

“Pleeeease- Oh wait, what was that? Did you say yes! Well, let’s go!” Asher said eagerly, taking her hand and pulling her over to the blue table.

That’s the day that marked the friendship of Kimmy and Asher.... Soon they were irresistible, best friends forever.

11 years later.

“Come on, Kimmy! We’re going to be late for school... AGAIN!” Asher called from downstairs.

“Hold on, Mr. Pushy! I’m coming,” I laughed taking a quick glimpse in the mirror then dashing down the stairs.

“Finally, I swear, I think I could have driven all the way to Canada and still make it back with plenty of time to wait for you!” He joked, kicking my leg playfully as I pasted him heading to the kitchen.

“Well, sorry I actually care about what I look like in the morning,” I rolled my eyes nudging him back.

“I do too! but do I take two hours? NO!” Asher laughed, making his blue eyes sparkle.

I roll my eyes at him taking a bite of my apple. As I chewed, I held my hands in the air giving him a ‘What are you waiting for’ look. “Are we going to school or what? OH wait, are you waiting for an invitation...”I pouted humorously.

“Ha- ha no, i’m waiting for your slow ass to get in the car!” He laughed shoving me out the door.

“Says the guy who waits till the last minute to do his homework because he wants to play video games and eat Doritos instead,” I shot back. He laughed, not defending himself because he knew it was true. “Nick! You’ve got twenty minutes till school starts! If you need a ride, we’re leaving now!” I shouted up the stairs, hoping my little brother was at least out of bed.

I knew that my parents would probably be at work, but I still didn’t know if my younger brother, Nick, was still home. He was most likely still hiding under the covers trying to sleep, even though he has twenty minutes to get to school, and today I was not waiting for his slow morning ass to give him a ride.

“Nick already left, if you didn’t know,” Asher stated as we got in the car.

“Since when?!” I asked shocked. My brother never gets to school earlier than me. And I have to admit, I do get us to school pretty late.

“I don’t know, when I came in, he was just leaving with some of his friends.” Asher tells me leading the way to his car.

“Oh, good,” I simply said.

I blasted some music on the radio singing along to mine and Asher’s recent favorite song Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Ray. At first we were actually hitting the notes right on target, but once it got towards the end Ash started messing it up by going way off pitch and adding his own sound effects.

“You’re such a joke!” I laughed smacking his shoulder, not able to stop laughing.

“What, I have a beautiful voice. Are you mocking me?” He smiled, laughing along. I still kept on laughing as we exited his car onto school grounds. Slinging my bag over my shoulder, I hooked my arm with his, walking towards the entrance.

“So, you have practice after school right?” I asked him as we stopped at my locker. He didn’t give me any notice as he nodded to some bimbo blonde walking by, smiling and checking her out. If you don’t know this yet, you’ll come to realize that Asher is totally a player. Instead of focusing on school, he focuses more on girls.

I rolled my eyes, shaking my head. I grabbed my big heavy ass eight hundred pages of my history book and dropped it on his foot. Not because i’m a cold hearted bitch, but because he did the same thing to me yesterday when a couple of girls passed by and dropped all my books on the ground. Instead of getting hit with a history textbook, I got hit with a physics textbook. Practically the same thing though.

“OWW!! KIMBERLY!” Ash shouted clutching his foot. The blonde laughed as she walked back, covering her smile with a pink manicured hand.

“Sorry, must have slipped,” I lied, holding back an evil smile. “If you were paying attention and not checking out chicks, you would have caught it.” a wide smile played on my lips that I couldn’t hold back.

“Slipped my ass.” He grumbled crossing his arms over his chest.

“Payback's a bitch.” I muttered in a singing over my breath. When I noticed a grumpy look on his face I pouted, putting on an innocent sad puppy dog face. I stretched my arms out for a hug, treating him like a little kid.

He stuck his nose in the air, pretending to be snobby and stuck up. I giggled, motioning with my fingers for him to hug. “I don’t think I except your fake apology,” He teased.

“Who said anything about an apology? I’m just giving you a big baby hug,” I said still holding my arms out for a hug.

“Nope, I don’t think so,”He said with his arms still crossed over his chest.

“Okay, fine, I guess you don’t want to be friends anymore. Asher Michael Knight, we are now ex best friends forever.” I said childishly, walking away holding my books close to my chest.

“Oh no, what on earth would I do without my bestfriend?” He shouted down the hall.

I smirked to myself, walking down the hall getting glances thrown at me and then back to Asher. I suddenly felt a pair of hands wrap around my waist and his chin resting on my shoulder, his breath near my ear tickling me.

“I forgive you bwest friend. I still lwove you,” He said in a baby voice that made me giggle. He was slowing me down as he was putting weight on me. I was practically dragging him down the hall with people giving us weird looks.

The thing is, This may look weird or “intimate” but Asher and I are not in a relationship. It’s how we acted around each other because we’re so comfortable being normal and weird together. Everyone knew we were only best friends and this is a typical day for us. It was normal for us to be seen running down the halls or hugging, and saying I love you. Everyone didn’t really think much about us being more than friends because we’ve been just that since forever, and honestly i couldn't picture anything more than that happening. We’ve been best friends for eleven years; Asher is like a brother to me,now. Whenever I need him, he’s there.

Ash is a great looking guy, don’t get me wrong! With his piercing blue eyes, he could convince you to do almost anything. He was super athletic, great built body, and he gets decent grades. He got a better grade in physics than me, that’s for sure. He’s funny, charming, kind, protective, and just overall, best. We’re there for eachother, I don’t know what I would do without him.

After hauling him to our first class, I shook him off, seeing my best friend sitting in her seat waiting. “Katie koo!” I squealed, running up to her.

“Kimmy Kins!” she sang, hugging me back.

Kaity is one of the few girlfriends I have. I’m not really friends with many girls because they only want to be my friend for Asher. The reason why people know my name is because i’m best friends with Jefferson High’s number one player and jock, Asher Knight. Kaity is one of the only girls that actually understand me, she didn’t care for Asher like that. I can trust her and every girl needs a best friend.

We share a lot of things in common. To this day i’m surprised Kaity didn’t become one of those popular girls. She has the looks of your typical high school cheerleader and president of debates club kind of girl. She’s beautiful, a tall blonde with ocean blue eyes, smart, cheerful and kind. A girl so rare to find these days in high school.

“Hey What's up! -Oh My Gosh! Did you hear that Mr. Brown is giving us a pop quiz today! I heard him yelling at the kids next door,” Katie said in a panic.

“Well, it’s no surprise now, is it?” I laughed, taking a seat between her and Asher. At that moment my heart came to a complete stop as I saw none other than Spencer Grey! He walked passed me, a small smile playing on his lips directing towards me. In my mind, I squealed like a frantic mouse with a stupid smile plastered on my face. I couldn’t be anymore obvious that I have a crush on Spencer.

Spencer Grey is my definition of Hot! Everyone has that dream guy that they pin to their wall like Channing Tatum or Alex Pettyfer, well I would chose neither of them because I rather have Spencer. Or Zac Efron but i’ve got to be a little real with myself. He’s super attractive, funny, ultra sexy, chill, handsome. And did I mention he’s the sexiest guy in school... oh and that he’s really funny! Anything that comes out his mouth, I can’t help but laugh. We talked before, like once, he asked me for history notes one day he was absent. He said thank you and you’re the best. Needless to say, He made my day- scratch that, He made my year!

I would do anything to talk to him, or go on actual date with him. To even relive September 30th, 1:47pm, on a sunny afternoon, aka the day he talked to me, i’d give my left lung for it. I’ve had a crush on him ever since he transferred here sophomore year. So yeah, you can say i’ve been a bit crazy for him for a long time.

I thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest because he sat right behind me! Usually he sits in front, one row away from me so then I could check him out without him noticing, but no! He’s sitting behind me! Someone better call the paramedics because I might just contrac a heart attack. This is the first time that i’ve been this close to him! For this long, too! I might have been smiling too much because Asher gave me this worried look, probably thinking I was going insane.

“Alright class, settle down while I take attendance so we can start the French Revolution!” Mr. Fords says with determinedly. Everyone groaned, taking out their notebooks, whining and complaining.

For once in my life, I didn’t think I was going to be able to pay attention in class. History is my best subject but now with Spencer sitting behind me, I might just lose it.