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Disease in Portland

It has recently come to light that one of the citizens of Portland, Lena Haloway (goes by Lena Tiddle), has been infected by the deliria. She was infected by Alex Sheathes, who is now in custody after a semi-successful attempt to escape into the Wilds on the eve of Lena's cure. Lena managed to escape, while Alex did not. Lena's aunt, Carol Tiddle, says," I just wish I had noticed before the deliria became terminal. It runs in her family, the deliria does. It's quite unfortunate that she couldn't be cured in time."

Doctors suggest watching extremely closely for deliria symptoms while we await the end of this deliria scare. Doctor Aaron Smith says, " It is highly likely that the deliria will vanish with the infected, in this case Lena Haloway, but it is still a good idea to watch for deliria symptoms."

What will happen now that the disease has been brought to Portland? Will we all become infected? Will the disease leave with Lena, who escaped into the Wilds, or stay and manifest itself in all of us, the innocent citizens of Portland?

Advice Column: With Tammi Barber

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Movie Review: Delirium

Based on the entrancing novel by Lauren Oliver, Delirium is about a society who believes that love is a disease, amor deliria nervosa, and it is the cause of all problems. The novel follows Lena, your typical everyday Portland girl with a super hot best friend, Hana.

Lena has always wanted to live a normal life after her mother committed suicide because she was so ravaged by the deliria. Then she meets Alex, an uncured Invalid, and falls in love.

But soon, Lena's dream of a perfect world where she can be with Alex crumbles as her cure slowly draws nearer and nearer. Will Lena and Alex be able to be together? Will the regulators learn of their "infection"? Is all really as it seems in Portland?

Find out in Delirium, coming to a theater near you.


We need new Regulators. What are regulators you ask? Regulators are a very well-armed militias. They have the right to search your property, search people, and run ID checks, and search for invalids, and sympathizers. If you're a hard worker,strong leader & love giving orders, this job is perfect for you! We need the strongest men/women out there, and if you think you have the guts to do it, then sign up! Hurry before its too late!
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