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April 19, 2020

Mrs. Hladun's Tidings

It was really nice to check in with many of you during our materials pick up last week. If you are loving this time with your kids, then continue loving it! If it's hard, then we ask you to let us know how we can support you. We encourage you to do the best that you can!

One thing that is really important to us, though, is to see your kid every week or so via Google Meet meetings, flipgrid, etc.... Anything you can do to get your kiddo online during small group or whole class meetings is much appreciated. If the time really doesn't work for you (which is a legit situation for some!), just let us know so we can figure out a better plan!

In terms of future pickups/drop offs:

  • Friday, May 1: we plan to do one final materials push out to families; not all teachers will be pushing things out - some already sent home everything through the end of May. See below for details.
  • After Memorial Day (date TBD): we'll do a collection of things like class novels, library books, class books, hard back math and science books (4th and 5th grade only), and we'll get you all of your student's items from their desks and cubbies.

A moment of realness with my two 4th grader started home based work this past week. I was at work all day, and we worked on his stuff in the evenings (teaching isn't really my hubby's thing :) ...sometimes until 10pm-ish. It's a good thing his wake up time wasn't critical! My high schooler is still staying up til sunrise practically and sleeping all day....but at least he's quiet! :) In short, our schedule is all out of whack, and you know what? It's okay. Additionally, I wish I'd bought stock in frozen pizza companies a few months ago, because it feels like that and fruit is ALL my boys are eating!!! So, a little humor for you:

Big picture

Virtual Talent Show

LCES has a long and strong tradition of visual and performing arts opportunities for our students! One favorite Colt Traditions is our annual Talent Show! This year, given our unexpected school closures, Mrs. Adams is taking the show to the internet and is planning a Virtual Talent Show in late May!

If you would like to audition to be a part of the show, start at this link ( to review the expectations/directions, complete an audition form, and submit your 1 minute audition video through FlipGrid! All the directions are in the link, but any questions can be directed to the show Director, Mrs. Adams at

Here is the timeline:

  • THIS WEEK - Wed., April 22: Applications/Auditions must be completed - submit the application and 1 minute audition video (via FlipGrid) - here is the application/audition link

  • Mon., April 27: Acts announced by email

  • Mon., May 11: Final Acts and MC roles must be recorded on FlipGrid (details will be sent to participants on/after 4/27)

  • Thurs., May 21, 6 pm: All school Talent Show Watch Party at 6 PM via YouTube

Materials Pick Up #3 - mark your calendar for Fri., 5/1

Your teacher will let you know if you need to pick up materials for your child on Fri., 5/1.

  • 9am-11am : Last Names A-F
  • 11am-1pm: Last Names G-O
  • 1pm-3pm: Last Names P-Z
  • 3pm-6pm: Open Pick Up (any last name)

*you can pick up for own children, friends & neighbors!

we will do one last pick up after Memorial Day for desk/cubby/art/etc and to collect back any novels, books, etc... the date is TBA


Our District's elementary school psychology team has put together some wonderful resources for children, parents and our staff to help us navigate these unfamiliar times. Please visit:

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LCES FAQs (* = updated on 4/19)

*When can we pick up additional school engagement materials?

We will have a distribution of materials from the MPR on Friday, 5/1. Last names A-F: 9-11am; last names G-O (11am-1pm); last names P-Z (1-3 pm), open pick up (3-6 pm). Your teacher will be in touch with you to let you know if you need to pick up any materials. We’ll do another distribution after Memorial Day - date TBD!

*Can I turn in the work my child has completed?

We are not collecting back work materials that we sent home. Your teacher may reach out to you in order to get pictures of materials and is likely engaging with your child in a digital format. Check in with your teacher if you need/want feedback on your child’s progress. We will collect back library books and 5th gr. math books, and we'll take back novels, but we aren't worried about if we get them all back.

Is it important that my child participate in the activities my teacher is providing?

Although your child’s work will not be graded, many teachers have found creative ways to give them feedback on their work. Participating in the activities/work that your teacher has prepared will help him/her to stay engaged and on track for next school year. We think it’s really important that your child is engaging in the school activities we have prepared, otherwise we wouldn’t send it home! Our #1 goal is to minimize busy work and to maximize productive time!

I’m worried about security on Zoom.

The district hears you and we are moving from using Zoom to using Google Meet for digital class meetings. We are all learning together, so please stay tuned and be patient!

What if I/my child just can’t do the’s all just too much!

We hear you! Everyone is in a different spot right now. Just let your teacher know if what you are getting is more than you can manage. It doesn’t matter why, but let us work together with you to find out how to make things work!

Why does my teacher keep trying to get in touch with me/my student?

If your child didn’t come to school for a week, we’d be really worried! That’s our job and our nature! To that end, we are really trying to connect with each child each week. Please help us do that! If you are having an issue that’s preventing your child from participating, just let us know so we can find a way to make it work for you!

*When can I get the materials from my child’s desk/cubby and his/her yearbook?

We plan to have those materials available for pick up after Memorial Day. This is also when we are likely to collect back ukes (4th grade), library books, 5th gr. math books, etc… We are figuring out how to do that safely. We will not be tracking the collection of class sets of novels (thanks to our PTC!). Yearbooks won't be printed until mid-June, so we'll distribute those over the summer (stay tuned).

*The technology that we have at home isn’t enough.

I believe the district is done with all the chromebook distributing. However, they are working on hot spot access. Please see Mr. Leaman's daily family emails for details on how to get one.

*What about Fort Bragg?

Please see the email that the 5th grade teachers sent out on Friday, 4/3. We are currently working on getting the deposit money back from PEEC and then we will begin to process refunds to families.

*What about other field trips?

All field trips will be cancelled for this school year. Some refunds were refunding on 4/15; other refunds will begin being process in May from our District Office - stay tuned.

*What about Sweetheart Luau Dance ticket funds?

Our PTC has all the funds that were collected and will be distributing refunds. All reimbursements were distributed on Wed., 4/15 or were mailed home.

I have more unanswered questions!

Contact your teacher with any classroom related questions. Contact Mrs. Hladun anytime with any school or ‘big picture’ questions. I’ll be checking email every day ( and I’m always available on my cell phone (702 324 6884 - text is always best!).

Virtual Spirit Days

The picture contributions have slowed down significantly. I'm going to take a break from this until May - stay tuned!

Past virtual spirit day boards:

Being In Touch - weekdays from Mr. Leaman

Communication will come from Mr. Leaman every afternoon via School Messenger email - if you aren't getting them, let Mrs. Hladun know (!!!

Being in Touch - big info from Mrs. Hladun as needed

I'll send out communications as needed - at minimum on Sundays and additionally based on need. Anytime I send something big out via School Messenger, you can also find it:

  1. on our website front page (
  2. via a notification to check for communication via Facebook
  3. via a notification to check for communication via Instagram
  4. via a notification to check for communication via Twitter
  5. via a notification to check for communication via our school app.

You can get info on all of those communication tools at the bottom of this (and every) newsletter.

Being in Touch - daily on Social Media

Daily, Mrs. Hladun is posting on social media (Facebook, Insta & Twitter):
  1. readings - a story for primary learners, and a chapter(s) from The Secret Garden and The Lightening Thief - found on YouTube - search for Jennifer Hladun/look for the LCES logo; all of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is also on YouTube
  2. a fun thing to check out
All of that is just for fun and is my way of connecting with your child/ren.

Please also stay in touch with your teachers - they are trying all kinds of new platforms to connect with your child! Learn with us!

The LCES Office - this week

Mrs. Hladun is working everyday, but not always at the school site. If you see the orange cone in front of the office, then I am here. It's always better to call than coming into the office (#socialdistancing) at 916 434-5292. If you need something urgently, please, please email Mrs. Hladun or text me anytime at 702 324-6884.
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