All new must have all over the globe get one now!

Top story kodak makes first portable camera.

Whats so great about it?

Well for starters it comes uploaded with up to 100 photos per roll.

Does it do any thing special?

Glad you asked it has rolers thread the film to the lens and its the first portable one ever made so you can take it anywhere.

Is that really true you can take it anywhere?


How much do they cost?

About 8-10 dollars in that range.

So there expenisive?

Well to buy but comes with free developing and unlimited film ounce all the film is used just send it our factory in New York for developed photos and new film.

Where was it made?

In a disclosed location soewhere in America in 1888.

Is it worth the money put into geting a portable one?

It is for a matter of fact so go buy one now.

Wow what a convincing person George Eastman was well till next time I hope you women and gentlemen will get yourself one.

Some older and newer versions of them.