Mars One

One-Way Trip That Will Change Everything!

What is Mars One?

Mars One is a very controversial space program that is trying to colonize Mars by the year 2023. Many have thought that Mars One is a joke and is a scam to get people to give them their money. But Mars One is really a non profit organization that is trying to get funds to do this mission. Mars One is goal to get not only one country to due this ground breaking mission, but anyone from anywhere in the world.

What is the Point of this Mission?

The Mars One team believes that this mission will help speed up our understanding of our solar system, life, and the Universe.

The Plan

Supply and Technology

This mission contains many different gadgets and utilities in order to successfully complete this mission. Equipment that will be used includes:

• Launcher: To take supplies from Earth to Mars and Mars to Earth.

• Mars Transit Vehicle: A transportation vehicle used to explore Mars. It will have a

living area for long journeys.

• Lander: The Lander was successfully landed on the international

space station in 2012. The Lander will contain:

– Life Support Unit:_______Contains energy, water and breathable air.

– Supply Unit:_____________Contains food and small parts.

– Living Unit:______________ Inflatable living area.

– Human Lander:_________ Transports astronauts.

– Rover Lander:___________ Contains Mars Rover

• Rover: A solar power robot used to find suitable living area and

building vehicles.

• Mars Suit: This suit is made for the conditions of Mars and is similar

to the the Apollo moon space suits. The suit will be used to

protect the astronauts from non-breathable air and


• Communications System: Will be used to deliver video to Mars satellite then directed back to Earths.

Mars One Candidate Video