Similes and Metaphors

Dr. Wise

I can...

1. identify the difference between a simile and a metaphor

2. use similes and metaphors in my opinion writing

3. make a digital presentation about similes and metaphors

4. play games that help me practice the difference between similes and metaphors

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Simile and Metaphor Practice

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Watch the Learnzillion Lesson on Similes

1. Complete the tasks from the video on paper. We will share our answers on the Student Practice Sheet.
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Listen to the Story: I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover

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Below are pictures of what the old lady swallows in the story.

Make a poster about what the old lady swallows. Write sentences about what the old lady swallows. Use similes and metaphors in your writing. Use dialogue in your some of your sentences. Also, write your opinion about the book, use text evidence to support your opinion. Don't just say you liked book. Tell me what events in the book that you did or did not like.
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Example of the Assignment: Sentences for Your Poster (do not copy my sentences)

1. There was a frivolous old lady who swallowed a bird that was as red as a cherry.

2. I was flabbergasted when the old lady swallowed a fiddle; it made her a musical instrument.

3. I thought it was hilarious when the old lady swallowed gold that was as hard as nails.

4. The silly old lady's stomach was a bottomless pit when she swallowed the pot.

5. Dr. Wise said, "I think it is crazy that the old lady swallowed a clover that was as green as grass. I do not think the clover would taste very good."

Use the Metaphor and Simile Buttons Below

They will help you add creative metaphors and similes to your sentences about what the old lady swallows.

Create a Digital Presentation Using Buncee About Similes and Metaphors

Read and View at least two other Students' Buncee Presentations

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Complete the Flocabulary Assignments on Similes and Metaphors

Flocabulary Assignments

Remember to log in using your computer username, put in your computer password and add your first and last initial.

Play the Simile and Metaphor Games

Simile Quizlet

1. Do the flash cards 2. Play a game 3. Pick out a test to quiz yourself