By DANiel lopez


definition: An upward force causing objects to float.

Agent : Water

Receiver: Duck

Effect: Floats

Direction: down

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Air pressure

Definition: The weight of the atmosphere pressing down on the earth.

Agent: Air

Receiver: Tire

Effect: Tire inflates

Direction: Outward

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Definition: Force that apposes the motion between two touching surface works against motion.

Agent: surface

Receiver: Car

Effect: Slows car down

Direction: Against motion

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Air resistance

Definition: Force that opposes motion of objects that move through the air.

Agent: Man

Receiver: Parachute

Effect: Floats

Direction: Down

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Definition: The force perpendicular to an object surface that results in support.

Agent: Surface

Receiver: Book

Effect: It stays there


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Definition: A force caused by a string, rope, or stretchy substance

Agent: Girl

Receiver: Tire

Effect: The rope holds the tire


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