Spring Creek Literacy News

January 2016

Literacy Tweets on the Fly!

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This section of the newsletter will always contain important information that we have to share with you on the fly. Please make sure to read it and refer to it throughout the month. This will allow us to spend our monthly Literacy Tweets PD Meetings discussing curriculum and instruction practices that will best benefit all our young cardinals.
1. STAAR Practice Dates : Third & Fourth Grade

  • Tuesday March 8th 8:30-12:30 Math
  • Wednesday March 9th 8:30-12:30 Reading

2. Our Literacy Tweets Meetings will meet approximately six times throughout the year. This means that we will not meet in December, March, or May. Starting in January, our meetings will move to the fourth Friday of the month. The dates will be updated on our calendars.

3. STAAR test prep passages may be given no more than once per six weeks.

4. Please remember to fill out your Six Weeks Reading Level Report at the end of each six weeks. Be sure to include the LLI Lesson# you are on with each student who is receiving it.

5. MOY TPRI (K-2) Window opens January 5-15 2016.

6. We will be unable to purchase extra batteries for the RR calculators in the benchmark kits once they run out. An alternative to using the RR calculator is to download the free RR app called Von Bruno. Let us know if we can help you download this to your ipad.

January Meet & Tweet!

January Literacy Tweets PD Meeting

Friday, Jan. 15th, 8am

Spring Creek Elementary Room 608

Our Agenda

  • Notebook Writing-Goals & Resolutions!
  • PD Session: Running Records
  • Coming Soon...Small Group Intervention Videos!

Literacy Link of the Month

Check out this new amazing resource for all CSISD teachers! Find books, video links, lesson resources and more! More training will be provided soon, but you can take a sneak peek by signing in with your school email to set up your free account.

Teaching Tip of the Month

All of this month's teaching tips were seen in practice right here at our very own Spring Creek Elementary!

Kristin Dungan's fourth grade readers wrote letters to fellow readers including a recommendation, summary, and rating of the books they had just read.

To increase comprehension and metacognition while reading, students took turns wearing the thought bubble to express their thinking about the text as another student read to them.

Mrs. Mann's fourth grade writers and scientists designed their own work expectation chart to help focus their writing time as they prepared for publication.

Each of these instructional and management techniques could be a great innovation of some of the amazing strategies already established in the classrooms of Spring Creek!


Publication is so important for our young writers. Writers are motivated to complete their projects when they know a real audience exists for them. There are several ways to publish both big and small. Click on the button below to see the different ways to publish. You will also notice that I have set up Writing Partnerships for each teacher. This will give our writers a chance to read their published pieces to other writers in our school. Please get with your writing partner soon to talk about how often your classes will meet.

Spring Creek ELA Folder

Click on the button below to view a Google folder that contains important ELA documents. This will be a go-to spot when you are needing information regarding district and school ELA information. More helpful documents will be added soon!

Spring Creek ELA/Math Calendar

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