World's Foremost Outfitter

Background Information of Cabela's

  • Cabela's was founded in 1961 by Richard N. Cabela. In 1963 his brother Jim Cabela joined the company.
  • The current CEO of Cabela's is Thomas Millner
  • Cabela's owns other 16 other companies such as Cabela's Catalog, Worlds Foremost Bank, Van Dyke Supply Company, Cabela's Wholesale, Cabela's Retail, and Cabela's Hong Kong
  • Cabela's competes in Sporting Good Stores.
  • Cabela's competitors are Bass Pro Shop, Gander Mountain, and Sportsmen's Warehouse

Factors of Production

  • Cabela's sells different types of outdoor supplies and hunting gear such as guns, tree stands, scent eliminators, dog training supplies, decoys, and much more.
  • All of the Cabela's stores that are currently open employ a total of 19,000 people, part time and full time.
  • This year Cabela's net worth was $1.2 billion.

Financial Information

Cabela's Net Income has been steadily increasing since 2011. I think they have been increasing because new products are coming out from the store. Also even with the gun issues going on right now people still want to continue buying guns so I think that helps the profits of Cabela's
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Stock Information

  • Cabela's exchanges on New York Stock Exchange and its symbol is CAB
  • The 52 week high is 72.53 where the low is 46.24
  • Cabela's does not pay dividends on its common stock.
  • Today Cabela's is trading stock for $57.61. There is a $11.37 difference from the low and a $14.92 difference between the high.
  • There are currently 10,164 stocks for trade.

News Release

SHOP NOW, HUNT LATER: Cabela's has opened new stores on the East Coast which have caused more people to come into stores. Even though the East Coast is not the biggest hunting industry, people will travel to see the different animals that are on display in each Cabela's store.

CABELA'S PREMIER TURKEY CALLING CONTEST: Cabela's is hosting a turkey calling contest that will encourage people to post and tweet about Cabela's. The prize is new turkey hunting gear.

I think that this will affect stocks in a postive way. People will hear the Cabela's name and will want to visit the store more. Personally I would invest more into a business that is prosperous. These are just some way that Cabela's has gotten their name out to the public.

Summary, Analysis, Reflection

  • Personally I would still purchase this stock. I believe if people have the money to invest in stocks, go for it. It is worth the shot of a payoff. I would also invest because it is one of my favorite companies. I always want my favorite businesses to succeed and if that means to invest in the company, I would go for it!
  • I bought stock of Cabela's for $55.08 and I only bought a few shares, but my profit has been $363. I do not plan on selling this stock anytime soon!
  • I have learned a lot about investing! I knew nothing about shares or money when it came to investing but I have learned about keeping my stock even though it is a low period, it will most likely pay off. I have learning about entering the market and how my profit works. I hope that I can become better at it that I can gain even more money. I think If I had more time to research my stocks before the game started I would have been able to have even more money in my account!