IPS Study Guide

Safety Quiz

Wear Goggles when necessary. Never waft powders. Nurse ext. 2828. Common Sense

Chapter 1 Test

Look in notebook for unit cube notes- 1 unit cube has 1 cm on each side

Sand Alone= Sand&Water- Water

Air Space= Dry Sand-Sand Alone

Is/Of= the percentages at bottom of chart

What is the volume of water that fills the air spaces in the dry sand?= (Volume of Air Space)

What is the volume of the water that does not fill the air spaces in the sand?= ( V. of Water- V. of Air Space)

1 kg= 2.2 lbs

Sensitivity of Balance Notes- Change in Mass/ # of Yes's= sensitivity of balance

Heating Baking Soda Lab- Baking Soda is not baking soda when heated. Tea is indicator that told us that baking soda is not baking soda.

Control- the unheated baking soda

Experimental- heated baking soda

Indicator- The tea

Displacement of Water Experiment Lab- Water Displacement Technique- Chart with formulas (above)

Measurement Labs.

Baking Soda- Sodium Bicarbonate


Chapter 2 Test

The Mass of Dissolved Salt Lab- Salt dissolves in water and makes the substance lighter. Salt will stay if surrounding water evaporates.

Ice and Water Lab- condensation adds mass.

Mass of Copper and Sulfur Lab- the sulfur has moisture in it that evaporated. Mass should have stayed the same.

Mass of Gas Lab- alka seltzer has sodium bicarbonate in it. Carbon dioxide is the gas.

MF-MI= Change in Mass

All Labs follow the law of conservation of mass- closed system lab techniques. Mass will stay the same as long as the lab is in a closed system.

Chapter 3

1 kg= 1000 grams

M/V= Density

Scientific Notation Notes

Mass Increase, Density Increase

Volume Increase, Density Decrease

Epsom Salt= magnesium sulfate

Mass and Volume Lab- Objects that are made out of the same subtance that have the same volume will have the same mass. It is impossible to make a aluminum cylinder with the same volume and mass as a brass one with the same mass and volume.

Cube 1 and Cube 2 Lab- Cube 1 and slab are made out of same substance. Cube 2 is not.

Function Charts- function of (goes on bottom)

Density of Liquids Lab- never transfer liquid. The liquid was Epsom salt (mag. sulfate).

Density of Gas- Alka seltzer created a gas through capturing the gas and having the gas push out water in the bottle. The change in volume- the change in mass= density (in scientific notation)