Anchor book project #2


He stopped as a fresh spasm of pain drove the pilot back into the seat, back and down I've never had anything like this... The pilot reached for the switch on his mike cord, his hand coming up in a small arc from his stomach and he flipped the switch and said this is flight four six.. and now a jolt took him like a hammer blow, so forcefully that he seemed to crush back into the seat, and Brian reached for him, he could not understand at first what it was, could not know. And then he knew.

I thought this was important because this is where he got stranded!

Thoughts of his parents' divorce fill Brian Robeson's head as he flies in a single engine to visit his father in the Canadian wilderness. When the pilot suffers a heart attack and dies, Brian must somehow land the plane by himself and then, left with the clothes he is wearing and a hatchet his mother gave to him before he left, Brian must put thoughts of his past behind and try to figure out how he can stay alive!

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