Micro Enterprises in Africa

by Ross Abrams

This map shows where women are worse off then men

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Africa and especially women have many challenges.

They have very limited health care so that leads to deaths and very high infant mortality rate. The lack of medicare also leads to sickness spreading around. Women also have trouble getting jobs because they have to stay at home and take care of the kids or there house. There usually a lack of clean water. There is also little education for Africans. To add on to that there is a lot of war going around in Africa.

An example of a micro enterprise

The Sanakoroni womens association has started there own micro enterprise of a peanut grinding business. They bought a machine for grinding peanuts and they obviously grind peanuts and sell them. They also let people come in and grind the peanuts them self. They split the money between themselves while saving some for repair and fuel for the machine.

Impact on communities

Micro Enterprises have helped communities in many ways. It has given people jobs which decrease the amount unemployed people. It also has given money for resources including clean water, electricity, education, and so on. Also it can inspire other people to start there own micro enterprises.

Impact on themselves and families.

The women who earn the money will help themselves and there family. they will first keep some money to buy stuff for there business to help themselves. Then they will put some money for there family for education or school supplies. It could also pay for clothing or food. It could also help them with supplies to build a shelter. Also it would give them more fee time instead of trying to find work.