The Autobiography of Neon

Important facts about my atom:

The symbol for my atom is Ne.

I have an atomic mass of 20.1797(6).

The melting point of me is -248.59 Celsius and I boil at -246.046 Degrees Celsius.

I also have a total of 10 protons, 10 electrons, and 10 neutrons.

My History and Discovery

My name comes from the Greek word "neos", meaning new.

I was discovered by a man named Morris Travers and a man named William Ramsey, back in 1898.

It was later on discovered that my biggest isotope is neon 22 and my smallest isotope is neon 20.

Some of My Common Uses:

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The average color of neon light to the human eye, is red-orange, due to the lines in this range. It actually also contains a strong green line which is hidden, unless visual components are dispersed by a spectroscope.

Fun Facts on Me!

I am considered quite expensive, but that is only because I am so hard to capture.

I cost $33 per 100 grams of me.

I'm also the fifth most abundant atom in the universe as a whole, but I'm not very common on the planet earth.