6th Grade Newsletter

Week of May 13, 2019 ("B" Week)

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Principal's Pride Post

Wilson's Creek Concert Choir earned the highest possible rating of a 1-Superior at the Fair Grove festival this weekend. Congratulations to our singers and to Mr. Parker!

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Blue, Lion, & Silver Teams: Students will continue to work on Unit 9 over area. Please make sure your child is continuing to complete their weekly ALEKS assignments.

Pride Team: We have concluded units 7 & 8. We now are reviewing for the MAP and End of Year iReady test.


We are working with Data and Statistics in preparation for the MAP.

ELA/Social Studies

ELA News (Blue/Silver Teams): Exploring Figurative Language and introducing Fables Unit; MAP prep as needed

ELA News (Pride Team): Finishing Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry post-reading activities and iReady prep activities; work on book reports/presentations for independent reading book

ELA News (Lion Team): Vocabulary Strategies Unit

S.S. News: Students will be analyzing Ancient Rome’s contribution to present-day civilizations.

Highlights of Learning


News from the Nurses

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Library News

Important End of the Year Information:

· ALL LIBRARY ITEMS AND PAYMENT FOR LIBRARY BILLS WERE DUE FRI. MAY 10TH. Failure to return or pay for lost library items by this due date counts as missing work and may result in one or more of the following consequences:

o Students will go to the F.O.C.A.S. Room during school assemblies until items are returned or paid for.

o Students will not be able to participate in the End of the Year field trip or Field Day if they haven’t returned or paid for their library items by the due date for missing work set forth by the teachers.

o Students will only be allowed to check out items from Wilson’s Creek Library in the 2019-2020 school year after their items are returned or paid for. If students attend Cherokee Middle School, the lost item will remain on their account until the item is returned or paid for.

o If a student has a problem or concern in returning the book or paying for it, they should contact Principal Christy.

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Twitter: @WCreekLibrary

Instagram: @WCreekLibrary


Wilson's Creek Talent Show

Our school talent show, Lions Got Talent, is this Wednesday, May 15, at 2:00 PM. We will be selling snacks and drinks, so students may bring money to school for this event.

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Counselor's Corner

A Note from the Counselor

Kristin Felton kefelton@spsmail.org

Love and Logic Pearls of Wisdom #24

As soon as the child is able to suffer the consequences, he/she can make the decisions.

LOVE and LOGIC Disciplinary Interventions in the classroom (continued):

Listed by degree of severity.

7. Change the student’s location by asking, “Jeff, would you consider moving over here for a moment?” or “Would you mind waiting here for a minute, and then we can talk?”

8. Statement (the behavior is just misplaced):

“That behavior would be fine on the playground. It just won’t work here.” or “That’s not acceptable here.” or “Save it for later.”

9. Using an “I-message:”

“I get distracted when there is a pencil tapping.” or “It scares me to see you running down the hall. Wait right here for a moment, then you can go.”

10. Teacher sets limits by describing what he/she allows, does or provides, without telling the students what to do about it: “I listen to people who raise their hands.” or “I give credit for all papers that are on my desk by 3:15.” or “I’ll dismiss people as soon as desks are clean.”

11. Provide choices:

“Would you rather work quietly with the group or go to time-out?” or “Would you rather talk this over quietly with me now or after school?”

12. Removing the student from the group to time-out. Student is allowed to return when he/she can live with the limitations of the group or teacher.