6th Grade Newsletter

Week of November 11, 2019 "A" Week

Upcoming Events

November 15-22 - Canned Food Drive (see Student Council News for more info)

Principal's Pride Post

Ms. Stafford’s students are working on engineering storyboards for their polar bear unit!

Please check Lost and Found!

Dear W.C. Families,

Our Lost and Found is not getting ‘found.’ Please have your child look for their lost items. Any items that are not ‘found’ by next Friday, November 15th will be donated.

Thank you!

Principal Karyn Christy


Silver and Blue team are continuing in Unit 2 on Ratios.

Lion team is in Unit 3 on Unit Rates.

Students also should be completing their Prodigy assignments each week!


Students will be learning about heat transfer, identifying credible sources, and analyzing the difference between weather vs. climate. Our project, "Save the Polar Bears," will be the focus of study for the next few weeks.

ELA/Social Studies

ELA News: We will be beginning the year by working our way through learning the parts of a story (narrative plot structure) and applying our knowledge to some short stories. Grammar and mechanics instruction will be embedded in all reading and writing activities.

Reading Plus Weekly Assignments are due every week before students go to bed on Sunday. This is easily accomplished if they focus and use both rereads for each See Reader.

S.S. News: We will be looking at early humans living in city-states and the problems they encountered sharing water supplies in Ancient Mesopotamia. ELA standards addressing nonfiction text features and text structures will be integrated into SS lessons as well.

Highlights of Learning


Library News

Autumn and Scary Books on Display

Come by the library to check out books that celebrate autumn and all things scary!

Undead and Well-Read Contest!

Students can draw themselves as a zombie reading their favorite book and enter it in for the library’s Undead and Well-Read contest. The winner will receive a prize.

Chat and Chew Book Club

New Chat N Chew book for 5th grade is Wishtree by Katherine Applegate and the 6th grade book is Forget Me Not by Ellie Terry. The next Chat N Chew is Thursday, December 5th during lunch. We had a great turnout for last months books and hope to see more in December!! For more information, visit http://wclibrary.weebly.com/chat--chew-book-club.html.

Follow the library on Twitter: @WCreekLibrary

News from the Nurse

The Tooth Truck will be coming to Wilson’s Creek soon! Tooth Truck Applications have been sent home with your child. If your child does not have a regular dentist and qualifies for Free or Reduced lunch, please complete the application and return to the school nurse to see if your child qualifies for FREE dental care. There is also a new online application that you could complete instead at:


Blankets for Care: After School Club

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Wilson's Creek Canned Food Drive

November 15-22

All donations benefit Home at Last, a program designed to serve veterans and their families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

For more information, go to https://www.thekitcheninc.org/our-programs/home-at-last/

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Counselor's Corner

A Note from the Counselor

Jill Wilson Jrwilson@spsmail.org

Reasoning with Children

We’ve all watched parents give their children a “good talking to” with little or no positive results. We have also personally experienced times when we lectured our children and saw no positive responses to our words of wisdom. How and when should we speak so our children truly hear us?

The words we use with our children during emotional times are wasted. They are either never heard or are turned against us. We all have difficulty listening during emotional times. It is natural to focus most of our thoughts upon the emotions rather than the words being spoken. As a result, we remember the other person’s anger better than we remember the words. A child at the dinner table who is not eating and who is complaining about the food provides a good example. One parent might handle it by using angry-sounding words like, “Don’t you come to the table with that attitude,” “I’ll really give you something to complain about!” My guess is that the child is thinking a lot about the adult’s anger and little about the wisdom of eating a good meal.

Use Soft words with actions. Another parent might replace these angry words with soft words and action: “I’ll be picking up the food dishes in five minutes. I hope by then you will have eaten all the food you need to hold you over till breakfast.” Nothing is said if the child does not eat. The words are saved for a time when the child will be better able to listen.

It is obvious that the child will be hungry later and say, “I’m hungry. What can I have.”

This wise parent knows that the child will learn more when few words are used: “I bet you are. That’s what happens to me when I miss dinner. I bet you’ll be anxious for breakfast. Don’t worry. We’ll cook a good one.”

This parent chose to save the words for a time when the child was in the thinking state rather than the emotional state. The best time for reason is when both child and adult are happy. This is the time when the best thinking and learning can take place.

Pearl #11

Save the Words for Happy Times

Jim Fay & Foster W. Cline