6th-Grade Newsletter

September 21-25

Principal's Pride Post

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Sept. 25th--Mid 1st Quarter
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News from the Nurse

Christmas Assistance: Help Give Hope

Bright green flyers will be sent home soon with information regarding Christmas assistance through Help Give Hope. Registration is one day only (Saturday, September 26th 9 A.M. - 4 P.M.). Please call us if you have any further questions.

Student Flu Vaccinations

SPS is still planning on providing flu vaccines for all students (with parent permission form filled out) this fall. Dates are TBD depending on when the vaccines are delivered to Health Services. Consent forms will be sent home as soon as we are aware of the clinic dates for Wilson’s Creek.

Weekend Food Backpack Program

If you would be interested in a food bag for your child (given out on Tuesday for Monday/Tuesday students and Friday for Thursday/Friday students) please contact us. We still have openings for this program!

Nurse Rachel & Nurse Brenna

(417) 523-7930


Students will begin the first unit in Illustrative Math: Area and Surface Area.


This week students will continue work on Metric Measurement. We will begin Mass, Volume, and Density.

ELA/Social Studies


Students are analyzing the elements of parts of a story, narrative writing, and meeting Reading + goals. We will begin reading our 1st fiction text, Hatchet.


Geography is a determining factor in how early civilizations chose where to settle. We will examine the change in life-style: from Hunters and Gathers to Farmers.

Highlights of Learning

6th grade Teachers


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Blue Team: Mr. Dlouhy, Mrs. Haeffner, Ms. Buehler

Creek Team: Mrs. Box, Mrs. Grandon

Lion Team: Ms. Levy, Mrs. Stevens

Pride Team: Ms. Reid, Mrs. Stafford

Silver Team: Mrs. O'Mealy, Mrs. Wilson, Ms. Buehler


Library News

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Counselor's Corner

A Note from the Counselor

Jill Wilson Jrwilson@spsmail.org

Today’s Love and Logic note is geared towards teachers. I believe this is helpful to parents during this season where you are finding yourself being a part time as you assist your student in navigating these online learning modes. I hope you find these tips beneficial.

Four Steps to Responsibility

The Love and Logic approach creates real-world situations in the classroom where opportunities for decision-making are experienced. Creating responsible students in a four-step process:

  1. Give the student a task that he/she can handle. For best results, have the child describe in his/her own words how things will look when the task is finished. For example, let the student decide whether or not to bring his homework assignment in on time.

  2. When Students Make a Mistake: This is the opportunity for the student to have a “real-world” learning experience. This step reduces the temptation for the adult to give reminders. If the student can have a learning lesson today, it will be the most inexpensive lesson possible. The cost of learning about the real world goes up as time goes on.

  3. Let Equal Parts of Consequences and Empathy do the Teaching. This step reduces the chance that the adult will express anger. Students need to learn that their mistakes hurt them. Empathy or sorrow reduces the chance that the student will spend time thinking about the adult’s anger. The student's attention should be on his/her own life and decisions instead of upon the adult’s emotional reaction. If the student does not bring the homework assignment in on time, you can empathize, “I’m sorry you didn’t get it here on time.” Offer no other alternatives. Allow the student to suffer the consequences.

  4. Give the same task again. This sends the unstated message that people learn from their mistakes.

Discipline with Love and Logic

Jim Fay

Student Council News

Student Council is selling Wilson’s Creek drawstring bags, sunglasses, hair ties, water bottles, and socks. Please see the order form, and email Mr. Kennedy at jdkennedy@spsmail.org if you have any questions.

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Instructional Technology

Each month, Wilson’s Creek students will focus on a new digital citizenship concept. For this month, our focus is PRIVACY and SECURITY. As our children are immersed in the digital world, it is important they understand the basics of online PRIVACY and SECURITY. Whether students are using their device to complete assignments for school or playing games for fun, we hope they follow general guidelines to keep them safe. Please click on the link to learn 5 tips to encourage online privacy and security for your child.


Mrs. Hilton

Email: trhilton@spsmail.org