6th-Grade Newsletter

September 20 - September 24

Principal's Pride Post

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September 22 - Mid 1st Quarter

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SPS Help Desk Information:

  • 417-523-HELP (4357)

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We are continuing our first unit in Math on Area! Students will be calculating the area of parallelograms and triangles and the area of polygons by decomposing into rectangles and triangles, or surrounding and subtracting. We will also be starting polygons and surface area. The main platform for this curriculum is in Desmos this year. We will also be doing some Khan Academy and Prodigy.

ELA/Social Studies


  • Reading + goals by scoring 80% or higher on each lesson. Why Reading Plus Works
  • Students should be reading for at least 20 minutes per day.
  • In addition to using complete sentences in all written responses, accurate use of capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and grammar is an expectation in all writing assignments.


  • Throughout the year we will be studying Ancient Civilizations, focusing on how geographical features affected settlements in a certain region and how each of the seven characteristics of a civilization developed within each one. Refer to the agendas of individual teachers for details about which TCi lesson is the focus for the current week.
  • Other standards-based, focused skill activities for informational texts will be included in weekly lessons throughout the year as well.

Mark Twain Fundraiser

As a grade level we are raising funds to purchase Mark Twain Nominees this year. If you would like to donate please click HERE.

Thank you for your support!


Sixth grade science is a course in which each student will have an opportunity to expand his or her knowledge in the areas of Scientific Relevance, Technology, and Earth Sciences.

We will begin the year by engaging in tasks to establish class proceedures and become a scientist.

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Student Council News


We are currently sold out of water bottles and blue medium socks. However, you may still order the other items from our flyer. See the attached flyer for details.

Class Elections

Student Council class elections will be later in 1st Quarter. Each class will have two representatives. More information coming soon.

Hat Fridays

Every Friday is Hat Friday at The Creek!

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News from the Nurses

Please encourage your student to wear their mask properly while at school. Masks need to cover their mouth and nose at all times unless they are at lunch, PE or recess where they are able to take it off completely when directed to do so. If there is a positive COVID case and your student was within 6 feet of the positive case for more than 15 minutes and your student does not wear their mask properly, they will have to be quarantined at home for up to 10 days due to exposure. If your student wears their mask properly then they will be allowed to come to school with modified quarantine instead of quarantining at home.

When to Keep Students Home and When They May Return

Highlights of Learning

6th grade Teachers


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Blue Team: Mr. Dlouhy, Mrs. Haeffner, Mrs. Haskins

Creek Crew: Mrs. Box, Mrs. Grandon

Lion Team: Ms. Levy, Mrs. Stafford, Mrs. Stevens

Silver Team: Ms. Hammon, Mrs. O'Mealy, Mrs. Haskins


Library News

Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage month runs from September 15 through October 15. The library will have a book display of positive fiction and nonfiction books with powerful and strong main characters that are Hispanic.

Mrs. Melson’s Contact Information and Links:

E-mail: amelson@spsmail.org

Twitter: @WCreekLibrary

School Library Canvas page

School Library website

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Counselor's Corner

A Note from the Counselor

Jill Wilson Jrwilson@spsmail.org

Jill Wilson, M.S, P.S.C.

School Counselor

Wilson’s Creek Intermediate


Google Phone: 417.612.7018

Wilson’s Creek Counseling Commons Page

Wilson’s Creek Counselor Newsletter


Instructional Technology


Programs for Gifted Students – (Policy IGBB)

Springfield Public Schools is committed to improving student learning opportunities for all students in the district and authorizes a program for meeting the educational needs of identified gifted students in an educational environment beyond that offered in the regular classroom. Policy IGBB outlines program expectations, oversight responsibilities, and parent requests for review of data. The Gifted Education Director and/or designee (School Psychological Examiner) will review the student’s test and meet with the parents/guardians to assist in understanding/interpreting the student’s assessment results and answer any questions relating to the evaluation process. For more information, please contact Dr. Lenae Lazzelle, Gifted Education Director at 417-523-3310.

Gifted Education Programs

Students participating in the K-8 gifted program WINGS, are involved in a shared home school/Phelps Center curriculum. Because participation results in students being in another location one day each week, this presents unique situations to the District’s professional staff, participating students, and the involved families. Principals are asked to review the following guidelines with their staff at the beginning of each school year:

WINGS students should not be held accountable for standard classroom assignments, such as review, practice exercises, daily work, and other related activities missed on the day of participation in the gifted program. Students are accountable for the concepts, process skills, and intellectual content as measured on end-of-unit tests, projects, or other assessments included in the curriculum presented by the home school teacher.

The home school shall avoid scheduling major tests, assignment due dates for major projects, field trips, honor programs, etc. on the day students attend the gifted program. Students attending WINGS should be considered fully enrolled and not be penalized for grades dependent on class participation, attendance, and daily assignments that occur on their day of attendance at one of these programs.

Home school teachers should communicate their strategy for addressing these practices and procedures with participating students and parents at the beginning of the school year.

For additional information contact the Phelps Center for Gifted Education at 417-523-3300.