Jackie Robinson Biograpy

by Gabriel Soto

Born 1/31/1919 Died 10/24/1972

Jack Roosevelt Robinson was famous for playing for the Dodgers.Was the first black man who played MLB. Also won World series


Jack Roosevelt Robinson's childhood wasn't the best he had four older siblings.And was raised by his mother alone.


Baseball player Jackie Robinson attended John Muir high school and Pasadena Junior College


Jack won MVP. And won World Series for the Dodgers.And joined the army.

Quotable Qoute

Jackie said "there is not an American in this country free until every one of us is is free"

What I learned

I learned not to judge people by their looks or skin color.You should get to know them to see what kind a person they are.

Describing Words

  • Jack is athletic,
  • active,
  • fast,
  • talented, and
  • determined

five fast facts

  • Jack died in Stanford,Connecticut
  • Born Cairo,Georgia
  • In 1946 he played his first MLB game
  • Jack had a .349 batting average
  • Jack Roosevelt Robinson sadly died of a heart attack


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