By:Brynn Russell

Who is Pericles

Pericles was born in a pivotal time he was born about 495B.C. He was born in Athens brief but glorious golden age.His mother was the one who provided connection to Alcmaeonids.Pericles


Background Info

The historians looked up to him profoundly. he suffered 40 years younger he didn't have firsthand knowledge.He died 429 B.C. The construction of the acropolis began in 447. The Thucydides is the people who praised him.He was born into the first generation to use the new weapon.

Rise to Leadership

in 451 Pericles carried a law confining Athenians citizenship on both sides.One hundered years later a speaker argued firm distinction on the grounds that provided the poorest athen girl with a money in the form of her citizenship.

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