By: Emma Bringenberg


What kind of unique holidays does Chile celebrate and why do they celebrate them?

- Chile has some unique holidays much different than the ones in the US. One of them is Holy Saturday. Holy Saturday was April 19 in the year of 2014, in other words Easter Eve. They celebrate this holiday out of Christianity, when the bible says Jesus was lying in his tomb, only to rise the next day. They also celebrate Easter like us, only the celebrate Holy Saturday to feel that sense of joy and sadness. Holy Saturday is also called Great or Grand Saturday. Holy Saturday is one of Chile's many unique holidays.


What were some of Chile's biggest wars and why were they fighting them?

- Chile has had some very large wars, so let me tell you about one of them. The War of the Pacific was between Chile, Peru, and Bolivia, fought in western South America. "What were they fighting for?" you may ask. These three countries were fighting for Antofagasta, the largest city in Norte Grande, which is full of rich minerals and tons of resources. This war went on from 1879-1883. Chile won in the end, but they did sign a contract of peace and friendship in 1904 with Bolivia and Peru. Today, they still remain true to that contract which I hope is never broken.


Which well known mountain range runs through Chile, and why they are well-known?

-The Andes is one of the most well-known mountain range in South America, and it runs through Chile. The Andes are maqnifizent, are about 5,500 miles in distance, consists of many high plateaus and is about 25 million years old. I believe that the Andes are well-known because they are the largest mountain chain in the world. The Andes are also famous the finding of the Machu Picchu and for Espiritu Pampa, another "lost" city that is not quite as possible. The Andes are mysterious, and we still have lots to learn about them, but hopefully this sums up a bit of the Andes mountains.


How does Chile's climate affect their resources and their economy?

- Chile has a lot of different climates in different places. For instance, some of Chile is a desert, and some other parts are rainforests. The rain forests can help because the wood of the trees makes paper, which makes money, it also promotes jobs. The place where we find a lot agriculture and farming activates are in southern Chile. Although anywhere in Chile you can find iron, copper, and sodium nitrate, a element found in fertilizer and explosives. A lot of these economic activates can not be seen by just skimming, so you really have to look. Either way, Chile has quite a few resources that help with their economy.