AID Drive 2013

Pay it forward! Extra or unused supplies needed! and thinks creating a true art movement means taking action and making an impact. Artists are working together to leave their marks away from their canvas or wacoms and instead, on those who are less fortunate and they need your help. Have extra supplies around the house? Toys or clothes you want to donate? These organizations are collecting art and school supplies, toys, shoes, clothing and more for the 2013 AID Drive for Youth and Women in need. We are currently donating to a school for slum children and poverty stricken women learning independence in India and another great program in Senegal.

Check out details in the link below!

We are a VIBRANT community of artist from all walks of life. BEGINNERS to ELITE.

Our main focus is to gather artists in similar or diverse areas for art collaberation, critic, to share and expand on ideas, knowledge, and guidance. has created a platform that grew from a small community to over 400,000 MEMBERS. Not only has given many creatives and artist a like the opportunity to share through posts, galleries and threads but has provided growth through workshops, job listings, events, scholarships, chairities and even low cost art industry eduction. We are very active internationally in all of these areas. You are just as likely to find a workshop in Tucson, Arizona as you are in New Zealand. Our latest workshop last week in London.

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HOPE is a socially conscious team of producers. We create events that mobilize people to get involved and help projects and organizations around the world. Through events and our ongoing projects, HOPE provides ways for artists and musicians to collaborate and donate their talent and influence - contributing creative value instead of simply writing a check.

(Creatives + Projects) x Events = The HOPE Campaign

Launched in December of 2006 with the support of contemporary artist Shepard Fairey, HOPE was founded as a way to raise awareness about the crisis in Darfur, Sudan. Initial projects leveraged contributors’ creative talent and national recognition to bring this crisis to the forefront of the media.

Since then, thousands of individuals and organizations have joined the movement. Inspired by this positive response, HOPE is growing and actively enrolling new talent and partners. Any contributions support future HOPE projects, allowing artists and musicians the ongoing opportunity to share their talent.

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HOPE for Senegal Projects Completed 2012 -