Title of book:

Friendship best fits the title of the book "Freak the Mighty" because Max, a very large boy who doesn't have any friends, and Freak, who is a very small boy who doesn't have many friends either become very good friends. Freak moves in to Max's town, and they become Freak the Mighty. They went to the fireworks on the Forth of July together, and they even eat at each other's houses almost every night. They found a woman's purse and returned it to her. They even were chased by "The Gang" and survived it together! That is how they got the name Freak the Mighty.

Conflict & Outcome

I picked two Conflict & Outcome. The first one I picked was Man vs. Society because "The Gang" was picking on Max and the Freak because they were trying to get any valuable stuff they could find on them. The second one is Man vs. Self because Max always beats himself up because he doesn't have many friends and he is so big. Freak doesn't really beat himself up, but a lot of people make fun of him because he is different. He talks to people like he is an alien. Friendship relates to this because they stick up for one another no matter who picks on them and what they say.

Character's remarks (words) and/or actions:

Killer Kane is Max's father who convinced the police to let him out of prison. He was told that he couldn't go within a mile close to Max's house. If he were to break that rule he would be put back into prison. Late at night he broke into Max's house and took Max to Killer Kane's parents house, Loretta Lee and Iggy. He tied up Max so he couldn't get away when they moved into an old abandoned building. Loretta and Iggy felt bad for Max so they had a plan to rescue him, Iggy stalls Killer Kane while Loretta frees Max. Killer Kane caught Loretta trying to free Max so he tried choking her, but Max saves her by telling Killer Kane that he did kill Max's mom. Killer Kane then tries to kill his own son after he said that! Luckily Freak comes in and shoots Killer Kane in the eye with his squirt gun. Then Max and Freak get away. This relates to the theme friendship because without Freak shooting Killer Kane in the eye, Max would have been dead!

Contrasts (differences) between characters:

Max and Freak are very different. Max is very tall and big and gets picked on for his size. He isn't very smart either. Freak is very small and skinny and gets picked on as well. Unlike Max, he is really smart. This relates to the theme because they use their differences to become a greater and better Max and Freak, Freak the Mighty. They do everything together, find lost things, help others, get away from "The Gang," everything.


A good quote that Freak says is, "Pardon My Vocabulary." He says this because when he first met Max, he used really big words that he didn't understand. Words like sobriquet, demeanor, and postulated. This relates to the theme because this is the day they became friends. After this day, they became best friends.
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