November - Time to Shop!

Get ready for the holidays with Stella & Dot!

H-O-L-I-D-A-Y!!! My favorite!

Ok.. Halloween is over -- I can talk about the holidays now! Right?!?! I get absolutely giddy with excitement when the holidays are starting to roll around - like I'm 5 years old again! It really is the most wonderful time of year (to me) and I feel a little brighter and hopeful :) I've already raved.. and raved.. about our holiday collection, so I'll keep that to a minimum (It's Amazing! It's Gorgeous! You will love it!)! November is really a great time to get your friends together and start knocking things off your list - for others and yourself ;) Have fun with it - we really have some awesome gift ideas! Also - in true S&D fashion - we have to give back in some way! See below for the awesome way you can help our military families this year!

Giving Back Over the Holidays

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During the month of November, each scarf purchased will equate to a gift from Stella & Dot to one of our amazing military families. This is such a great way to give back to the people who sacrifice their lives for our country every day. So keep yourself warm in one of our oh-so-soft and gorgeous scarves and help give a little extra gift to someone else!

Stella & Dot Foundation - Every Mother Counts

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The partnership between the Stella & Dot Foundation and Every Mother Counts continues - this bracelet sold like hot cakes and is finally back in stock!! Every Mother Counts is "dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother." Some scary statistics -- Every 2 minutes, a woman dies during childbirth -- 98% (!!!) of those deaths are preventable. We're not just talking about underdeveloped countries -- 2 women die EVERY DAY in the U.S.! 100% of net proceeds from this bracelet are donated to Every Mother Counts. Below is a graphic showing the impact of each purchase --
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Own Your Time!

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Have you thought about potentially joining Stella & Dot as a stylist?! Had a fleeting thought about it, but then figured... 'nah, maybe later'?? Well it's later and NOW. IS. THE. TIME. I'm not kidding... this is serious! We are heading into our busiest time of year - HOLIDAY!! Why not join now, pay for all of those holiday gifts, and rock the rest of your year! Earn some extra cash for all those gifts you have been eyeing or take that trip you have been putting off! YOU CAN DO IT & you will NOT regret this decision! :)

HOLIDAY Collection Video :)

Holiday 2014 Collection Video
AHHHHH!! (yes, I'm screaming!) I have now seen it in person -- and I'm in looooovvee! It's got sparkle, color, ELEPHANTS! It's seriously my absolute favorite collection yet! I think I've worn something from the collection almost!! There are some really great gifts in there at great prices too! I'm not kidding - Go! :)

I Am Loving...