How does it work ?

A sophisticated GPS tracker is installed (covertly, if required) in the truck so that the business owner can track the worker and the truck. This device communicates with our software where you can track your workers and your assets.

What device do I need to install ?

The device is installed in the On Board Diagnostics port right underneath the dashboard. Most drivers don't know that this device is installed if they are not told about it. The device costs $249 and is your to keep even if you discontinue the service. The device uses mobile carrier networks to communicate and relays data to our software every 2 minutes or less.

How does it help?

The following is some of the information that you can track.

Contain Fuel cost: Reduce unnecessary idling, prevent unauthorized use as well as improve routing and dispatching

Reduce labor cost: Track actual hours in operation, number of hours worked in a day as well as start and stop times

Improved Customer Service: Get to your customers faster, provide more accurate delivery estimates, Provide historical proof of service as well as allow your customers to track your vehicles from your website

Improve Safety: Reduce speeding and harsh driving, respond quickly to emergencies and Quickly recover stolen fleet vehicles

Improve worker productivity: Reduce coffee break times, improve routing and dispatching and eliminating time sheets

What our customers say:

Plan cost

The plan costs $23.99 per month to track each vehicle. Most business owners recover 4-8 times the money in the first month of service.