Bobcat Bulletin

January 11, 2016

Dear FSS Staff,

I hope you enjoyed your weekend. It's so nice to have a day or two of down time. The rain last week was exciting, but I can see how it will get old fast. I finally broke down and ordered some rain boots. I didn't realized how important they are.

I was so impressed with instruction and management last week. You did not waist one minute getting right back into the swing of things and neither did students. The rain and coming off our vacation could have been a big distraction. Not at FSS! I saw whole grade levels (though I only made it through third, second, and some of first and fourth) right back in action with standards and routines.

Second grade had their planning day last Wednesday. They enjoyed looking at their benchmarks and writing goals for reteaching important standards. In preparation for your planning day, please make sure all students are scored and in OARS, LC students included. The rest of their day was focused on laying out timelines for the remainder of the year.

We will have Staff Development this Wednesday. Part of the time will be spent discussing how ELD is going, looking at the new EL progress monitoring practices and discussing the pilot four teachers are using. The second half will be spent with the staff Lighthouse Team. We will look at our journey to Lighthouse Status and share the details for our Leadership Day. Classified Staff is encouraged to join us from 2:30-3:00 in Room 1.

Here's to a great week!

Deepest Respect,