News from 3rd Grade

Newsletter #14

The Second Light of Winter

The second light of Winter

It is the light of plants,
Plants that reach up to the sun

And in the breezes dance...

News From the Classroom

This week completed our math block, as well as our measurement block. We focused on learning how to tell time and we began this by recalling the seasons. From there we moved into the months, weeks and days. We watched our shadows and learned how to measure time on a clock. The students will need to continue practicing how to read time on an analog watch. Some students said that they did not have an analog watch in their home, so, if possible, please add this to your home so that they can understand the movement of time.

Along with the measurement of time, the students were taught how to do single and double digit long-multiplication. Continuing to work on multiplication tables will help your child succeed. Please add this into your daily life. One way to do this is to keep some flash cards in the car and at every stoplight you ask your child a sum. They need to know it immediately and without the use of their fingers.

Monday will put us into another language arts block where we will be learning about the fibers arts. Within this block, I will teach the students where our clothing comes from, and how it is made. We will be making a drop spindle and felting slippers. I will be focusing on spelling rules, grammar and poetry. We are still hearing stories about Moses. I have just finished a book about bees, and I am now reading the story The Birchbark House which is about a Native American child.

I have decided to cancel the trip to Hazel's Farm. I know how hard you all work, and I want to make sure I am careful with my choice of field trips. I will need lots of drivers for our field trip to the beach on February 4th. If you can look at your calendar now, and block out that time, I would be very appreciative.

-Dec. 10th 7/8th Grade Winter Ensemble

-Dec. 18th ½ Day

-Dec. 21-Jan. 1st Winter Break

-Jan. 5th- Parent Meeting 7-9pm

-Jan. 11th-15th ½ Days Parent/Teacher Conferences

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Happy Hanukkah

On Friday December 11th at 12pm-12:40, we will have a Hanukkah party in the classroom. We will make dreidles out of clay, cook latkes, sing and dance. If you celebrate Hanukkah, and would like to come celebrate with us, we would love your company!

I will need each student to bring a potato on Friday morning.

No Practical Arts this Thursday!

Practical arts will be canceled this Thursday due to the 7th/8th grade music ensemble. I will be taking the students to watch the performance, and it is scheduled for the middle of our practical arts period. See you next week!

7th/8th Grade Winter Concert

Thursday, Dec. 10th, 6:30-7:30pm

7th Day Adventist Church in Sebastopol

Even if though your students will have already seen the performance, it is important to take them again, and give yourself the gift of hearing our incredible music program.

Winter Warmth

Friday, Dec. 18th, 5:30-6:30pm

200 South Main Street

Sebastopol, CA

Join the faculty for our annual Winter Warmth and Music Celebration in the Main Campus Assembly Room.