Extra Credit Opportunity

Choose the assignment you want to do.

This extra credit assignment is due no later than Friday, 11/21/14 at 11:59 PM. It will NOT be accepted late.

Attention students,

I looked at the results of the three unit tests we have taken so far to determine the questions that were missed most often. I used these results to develop three extra practice pages - one for each of of the tests. Each of the assignments contains 10 problems similar to the concepts missed on the test. Choose the one assignment you want to complete and for every question you get correct, I will add a point to your corresponding test grade. This will give you a chance to earn some points and do some extra practice problems at the same time. Click on the following links to determine the assignment you want to complete. Use the corresponding answer sheet to show your work and answers. Submit the answer sheet to the corresponding dropbox folder. This extra credit assignment is due by Friday, November 21st by 11:59. I will not accept this extra assignment if it is late.

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