Child labor laws

By: Austin gutierrez, Robert Rubio

What was the Name of the reform movement?

The organization that started the child labor laws movement was the National Child Labor Committee ( NCLC ).

What was the purpose or goals of the reform movement?

The purpose of the National Child Labor Committee was to end child labor so kids could get a better education kids also got injuries doing demeaning jobs and barely got paid for their hard work. one goal of the NCLC was that no child under the age of twelve was allowed to work in industrial plants.

where there any notable individuals involved?

The notable individuals of The National Child Labor Committee or (NCLC) was Florence Kelly who started the organization, Jane Adams was a psychiatrist, and Fredrick Ludwig Hoffman who was a U.S statistician

Was the movement succsessful?

The movement of child labor laws was very successful because was made an official law and that everybody had to follow.

How did the movement effect society, where there any lasting results?

The movement effected society because kids lives were changed, they no longer had to work in factories they got to have an education. There is still lasting results because there is still no child labor allowed.

How did the movement spread the word?

Propaganda and posters were used to show the conditions the kids worked in. showing this would get the attention of many people.