Freedom Park Faculty and Staff Newsletter - September 4

Take Deep Breath

This is a very stressful time of year for everyone. We are all more "snappy" and more "easily wounded". Please bear that in mind when dealing with your colleagues this week. Everyone is under the gun and trying to meet deadlines. Always assume that people have the best intentions. Be suspicious of rumors.

Remember our new people at this time. If you are stressed, imagine what they must be going through. "In all your spare time", take a moment to ask how you can help. Offer your assistance. Think of something that they may not understand and let them know you are there to help.

Finally, its almost over. The beginning of the year is slowly coming to a close. We will still have deadlines, but they won't be every week and all at one time. So lets take a deep breath. This is truly going to be a great year. We have a wonderful staff and everyone is in the right place. I am so excited about the gains we will make this year.

Augusta University Literacy Center

The Augusta University Literacy Center will again host several children's plays this year that are designed to engage students with drama, in order to help children to visualize when reading. Live plays contribute to literacy by helping children develop decoding skills, fluency, vocabulary, syntactic knowledge, discourse knowledge and metacognitive thinking. The plays are free for children and adults. For more information, or to reserve seating, contact the Augusta University Literacy Center at 706-737-1625.


Khan Academy LearnStorm 2017, a fun, free 6-week learning challenge that begins September 12, 2017 LearnStorm is designed to strengthen student skills and build growth mindsets. It’s open to teachers across all subjects in grades 3-12. With Khan Academy’s LearnStorm, teachers can: • Find standards aligned content in math, science, history, and more • Assign problem sets, articles, and videos • Track student work with simple, powerful reports • Get 6 growth mindset activities and resources to celebrate student progress. • Earn school supplies and fun prizes for their classroom Interested? Just forward these Khan Academy and LearnStorm flyers to your teachers. Teachers can register in minutes at


Pleased stay tuned for your preconference date. We have sent an email regarding how to create your SMART goal. If you have any questions, please send a detailed email.