Occupational Therapist

Katelyn Woods

Career Description

Occupational Therapists treat injured, ill, or disabled patients, and help them improve skills that have to do with everyday activities.
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Duties & Responsibilities

Occupational Therapists evaluate patients and develop activities that they can do to improve their skills, and they are responsible for demonstrating exercises.

Education Requirements

You need a masters degree in occupational therapy to become one. It takes two to three years to complete. After that you need at least twenty four weeks of supervised fieldwork.
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Job Outlook

The need for occupational therapists is increasing by 29%. Job skills that are useful are Communication, compassion, and writing skills.

Salary & Work Environment

The average starting salary for occupational therapists is $75,400. You can find work in hospitals, offices, schools, and home health care services. Occupational therapists work on their feet most of the time and may have to move heavy things, They work many hours to be able to accommodate with patients schedules.

Related Courses & Experience

Medical Careers and anatomy would be good courses to take at Leyden because they involve learning about the body and what you can do to help it. You can become an assistant to an occupational therapist to see what they do every day at places like hospitals.
How occupational therapy can help people