North Side Family Flyer

March 2019

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Inspire, Engage, Empower!

This is our district's mission. We know that as parents, you are also dedicated to guiding your child(ren) in being inspirational, engaging in both academic and life skills and becoming empowered in meeting their goals throughout their years!

Please team up with us to teach, model and encourage our kiddos in learning and displaying these important life skills! Here are 10 life skills that don't require talent, they build great character:

1. Being On Time

2. Having Work Ethic

3. Giving Effort In Everything

4. Using Energy In All You Do

5. Body Language

6. Showing Passion and Empathy

7. Doing Extra, Going Above And Beyond

8. Being Prepared For Everything

9. Being Coachable

10. Having a Positive Attitude


Safety reminders for picking up and dropping off your child(ren):

Students who walk to and from school are reminded to cross the street only at the crosswalk. Parents please remind your child that crossing the street at the crosswalk is for their own safety!

Parents who are dropping off or picking up their child from the main office are reminded not to cross in between the busses. If dropping off before school, please use the car line in the back of the building unless you have to come into the office. If this is the case please wait until the busses have pulled away before coming in. If after school, again, we ask that you wait till the busses pull away before you come into the office. This is for the safety of all involved.

We appreciate your help in keeping our students and families safe!

LOST AND FOUND - Is your child missing a clothing item or lunch box?

Please encourage your child to check the lost and found for missing items. It is filling up quick! We have many jackets, hats, gloves, sweatshirts and lunch boxes.

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Arrival and Dismissal Procedures For Student Safety:

For student safety, please:

1. Drop off by car in morning at door 3

2. Pick up by car in afternoon at door 3

3. Bus drop off and pick up is at door 1, students should not walk between busses to go in

door 1

4. Please have your car tag visible when picking up students in car line. If you need a car

tag, please visit our front office.

5. PLEASE DO NOT walk between busses to pick up a student or drop a student off at school.

6. ALL end of day changes for students way home, must be called in to the front office by 1:30

p.m. If called in later, we can not guarantee the change will be made. Again, this deadline is for the safety of your child(ren)!

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From The North Side Food Service Kitchen:


Please read the two attachments to learn about e~Funds and set up your student account. These attachments will also be posted on our Facebook page and North Side website.

Remember - The e~Fund account will become ACTIVE at the beginning of April.

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Counseling Corner with Miss Headley:

Intrinsic Motivation:

What is it? Simply put, it is a personal drive to complete a task based on interest and enjoyment. Some might call it an internal drive or underlying force of accomplishing tasks. There is no outside peer pressure, reward or threat from others to complete the task. It is simply something YOU want to gain from it. With this said, how do we encourage more intrinsic motivation in our children?

Here are a few strategies that may assist in encouraging intrinsic motivation in children.

1. Give kids options and choices. Does your child have choices as how to perform or complete a task? Don’t hover after giving the options.

2. Nurture your child’s interests and explore those interests.

3. Children need to set their own goals. Goals can be set in and outside of the classroom.

4. Give children their own money. Give children an allowance, not for chores however as then they believe that the only reason for the allowance is for completion of the task. The chores should be done for the benefit of the family and the family unit.

5. Praise all effort. Focus on the process it took the children and how much effort they put into it. Be genuine.

6. Celebrate their accomplishments!

7. Help kids develop mastery. Help complete the task with them. One of the best way’s children learn is doing the task along with you.

8. Help kids discover their purpose. Help them understand, what are they learning, doing, or why is this important?


Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic Motivation: What’s the difference?

How To Raise Self-Motivated Kids, Article: parent:|re.mix, May 2, 2018

Help Your Kids Find Intrinsic Motivation, Encourage Self-Motivators, Rock your homeschool

Do you have some time to help and support the student's at North Side? WE STILL NEED YOU!!!!

Please stop in to get a volunteer form. We would be honored if you could spare some time to provide any kind of support for our students here at North Side. We welcome you with open arms!!!!

Upcoming PTO Events:

Tomorrow - MONDAY, MARCH 4th is MCTEACHER NIGHT!!!!!! Come visit us at McDonalds' from 5-8 p.m. for supper.

March 12th is the next PTO Meeting, 3:30 p.m. Please come help the PTO prepare for the Spring Carnival in April and the VIP Dance in May.

PTO BOX TOPS CONTEST Continues: Each class will be collecting Box Tops until March 22nd. The classroom with the most box tops will win an ice cream party from the PTO. Keep Collecting!!!!

The PTO is hosting a Spring Fundraiser - Goody's Goodies. This fundraiser will start on March 11th and run until March 21st. Delivery will be in April.

Upcoming North Side Events:

Tomorrow - 3/4, Visit us at McDonald's from 5-8 p.m.

Wednesday, March 6th - PBIS Reward for February

Thursday, March 7th - Attendance Lunch with Mrs. Leasure and Miss Headley

Saturday, March 8th - Robotics Team competes in state competition

Wednesday, March 13th - SPRING PICTURES

Wednesday, March 13th - ENSC Job Fair, 4-6 p.m. @ ENMS

Friday, March 15th - 4th grade field trip to Fort Wayne History Museum

Monday, March 18th - Friday, March 22nd - 3rd Graders take the state mandated IREAD


Tuesday, March 19th - NS will participate in the National Tornado Drill, 10 a.m.

Wednesday, March 20th - District Board Meeting @ Rome City, 6 p.m.

Monday, March 25th - Friday, April 5th - SPRING BREAK

*Unpaid Book Rentals are PAST DUE!!!!