Columbus Day

Should it be renamed? Here are a few reason why I say yes...

Columbus didn't discover America first

When Columbus got to America in 1492 there were already Native Americans living there. Four hundred years before that it’s said that Viking Leif Eriksson set foot on America. This is proof that Columbus didn't discover first, or second even.

Change Columbus Day!

Monday, Oct. 8th 2012 at 12-12am


Columbus Day should be renamed in the US to "Taino Remembrance Day."

He commited genocide

Columbus enslaved the Native people. He made them search for gold to make him richer. The first time he meet the Taino people he wrote in his journal that hey would make excellent slaves.

Fun Facts about Christopher Columbus!

  • He thought that the world was shaped like a pear.
  • He promised one of his sailors gold, then never gave it to him.
  • Christopher Columbus isn't his real name
  • He was looking for a shorter passage to Asia when he discovered America
  • Columbus took three ships in 1492

So many people were killed because of him

During the enslavement of the Native Americans millions were killed. In a five year time span 4 million people were killed. This can be connected to what Hitler did to the Jews.