Thomson Staff Newsletter

February 1, 2016

Important News & Notes

Cardinal Code Re-launch and Celebration Week!

As you all know the start of the 2nd semester begins with a special celebration of Cardinal Code! Late last week, you all received some special gold 'I am a Cardinal Code Kid!' and the Red Cardinals for the tree in the gym along with instructions and a schedule for the week.

Just to recap our special rewards/recognition for this week: Students can earn a special gold sticker for any time they are caught 'Keeping the Code'. The idea is that students will go home with at least one a day if not multiples, from multiple people...We printed 9,000 of them and hope not to have a single one left at the end of the week. Each teacher was given a class set of Red Cardinals and all other staff members have them as well, with the goal that each student have at least one Cardinal on the tree with their name on it by the end of the week. A bird is earned by a student who is self-monitoring themselves or is exhibiting behavior that goes beyond just 'good' behavior (think '4' for Cardinal Code)...know the expectations are different for different kids...fair is not equal and equal is not fair in terms of what our students needs and abilities are.

The weekly schedule is as follows:

Monday: The Cardinal be in the building and make a special announcement in the morning to kick off the week and then will walk through the building and peek into each classroom. Stickers should begin being passed out. Students may start earning a Cardinal. Teachers will need to think about how to monitor that each student earns a Cardinal by the end of the week...students should write their own names on the birds for ownership and should go to the gym to place their Cardinal on the tree.

Tuesday-Thursday: Stickers continue to be passed out by all staff. Students can be earning Cardinals for exhibiting exceptional behavior. Cardinal foot prints will be 'popping up' around the building and classrooms. (See Jennifer Webster for the foot print. Thank you Emily for getting this for us to use.) 'Catch a Kid Being Good' announcements will be made throughout the day.

Friday-Continue with the stickers and birds. A special assembly will be held at 2:30-3:00 p.m. during which time the Davison Cardinal will be back and students will perform special skits for each letter of the Cardinal Code. (Thank you to Ryan for taking on this project.) Friday will also be School Spirit Day and we will be asking the students and staff to wear their Teddy Thomson or Davison gear.

Thank you all for your support with behavior and the Cardinal Code!

It is going to be an awesome week!

Visitors & Observers

This is just a reminder that anyone who is asking to visit your classroom for an observation must come through my office AND go to the Personnel Office and complete an iChat background check. This includes requests from college students or universities. I know that many of you are willing to help undergraduate students fulfill coursework requirements, we just must be mindful of student confidentiality and ensure that the proper avenues and paperwork are completed. If you have any questions about this, please let me know.

End of Semester and Report Cards

Remember these dates!

-Monday, February 1st: Grades due by 4:00 p.m.: E-mail Anna to let her know when yours are complete.

-Tuesday, February 2nd: Report Cards printed by Anna.

-Wednesday, February 3rd: Teachers review final printed copies, sign, and place in envelopes. This is also Early Parent-Teacher Conferences from 4:30-6:30p.m. Parents who attend conferences may take the report card with them. Please provide the office with your schedule of conferences. This helps if parents need to reschedule. I will be sitting in on a few conferences, however, if there are some that you would like me to participate in, please schedule them with Anna.

-Thursday, February 4th: Teachers send report cards home with students at end of the school day.

Additionally, plan to make additional copies of report cards for non-custodial parents after you receive your complete set from Anna or let the office know which students you need an extra copy for. Anna will have the paper needed ready for you in the copy room.

CAP Nominations

As you finish up mid-year assessments and observe the students in your classroom, are there any that stick out above the rest, maybe academically or the ways in which they think? I would like to attend each of your PLCs to discuss CAP nominations. I would like you to really think about the top 2-4 students in your room...but not just based on DRA alone. CAP parent nominations are now closed and teacher nominations are now due Friday, February 5th.

Purchasing Cutoff for 2015-/16 School Year

Reminder...We have received the date for our purchasing cutoff for this school year and that date is Friday, February 26th. This for General Fund accounts. However, if you still have general fund money in your classroom account, this money must be spent by Friday, February 5th. Remember, this does not include your PTO (A-74) account, this money does not go away. If there are other items that you need for your classroom, but do not have money for, please see me right away.

Important Upcoming Dates

Monday, February 1st-Cardinal Code Celebration Kicks-Off;Data Day; Board of Education Meeting-7:00 p.m. H.S. AMR

Tuesday, February 2nd-Data Day

February 3rd-Staff Meeting (Agenda: Balanced Calendar Update with Jen Torok, GRSP/Preschool Presentation with Susan Vamos, Mini QAR/SIP...if time, Behavior Planning); Early Parent-Teacher Conferences-4:30-6:30p.m.

Friday, February 5th-Teacher CAP Nominations are Due; Spirit Wear Day; Cardinal Code Celebration Assembly 2:30-3:00 p.m.

Tuesday, February 9th-Natalie out-PD at the GISD all day

Thursday, February 11th-100th Day of School!

Friday, February 12th-Valentine's Parties-Please give your party times to the office.

Monday, February 15th-No School for Students or Staff-President's Day!

Looking ahead-I will be out of the building February 16-19th. Retired Davison Elementary Principal Ron Adam will be here all week. Please let me know if there is anything that you need from me prior to this week.

Quotes Worth Reading...

"Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change."

-Bob Kerry

Birthdays and Celebrations

Here are our upcoming birthdays: February 2nd, Kim Laine; February 4th, Rachel Wheaton...Happy, happy birthday to you both!

Is your calendar marked for our Staff After-Christmas Party? The date is February 6th. If you are planning to attend, please be sure to get your money to Cheryl.