Chelsea Mathis Portfolio

By Chelsea Mathis

TAFE/Ed rising and TRAFLES

T(teaching)- field site school three days a week

R(recreation)- secret santa/ christmas party

A(Appreciation of teacher)- Teacher christmas project

F(fundraising)- Cookie dough fundraising

L(leadership)- being a Yr 2 intern

E(education awareness)- Third grade classroom intern

S(service)- registering people for ELF test at region 2015-2016

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My future as a teacher

Well just to begin I have been a part of this class for two years in order to prepare my self for a teaching job in the future. I did not prepare my self as much as I should have junior year and put off what ever idea of growing up I could at that moment in time. I have always considered Tarleton as one of my top choices for a University considering they have one of the best education programs in the state. Fortunately, I was on top of my game this school year and this summer. I have submitted applications to many University but the only one I really looking forward to hearing back from is Tarleton because that has been my dream school for a very long while now. I am not sure yet what dorm residence I am interested in yet but I am doing more and more research as this year progresses. The following link is to Tarleton State University website to find out more!