A problem in Africa


Genocide has been a rising problem in several parts of Africa. The first real act of genocide was in WWII when Hitler tried to eliminate all the Jews in most European countries. It is now affecting the Hutu and Tutsi in Africa.

Analysis of the Cause

When the Germans started settling in Africa they preffered the Tutsi to the Hutu because they were considered more European. Germans though the Tutsi had the right to be the leaders of the country. When Belgians took over the region they increased the Tutsi power even more by allowing them to take Hutu land.
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Location and Countries Involved

This main conflict of genocide is located is Rwanda, but is quickly spreading to other parts of Africa including Zaire.
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Statistical Information

The whole act of genocide took place of the span of about 100 days and over 500,000 people were killed, which is around 20% of the population.
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What has been done to help

The genocide has successfully been stopped. The RPF (Rwandan Patriotic Front) was a group of trained military soliders, mainly consisting of Tutsi. The Tutsi who were a part of the RPF had been in exile before the genocide and lived in Uganda
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What else needs to be done?

Since the genocide has been stopped, precautions can be taken up to prevent any other genocide from happening
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Plan to address the problem

The plan for addressing something like a genocide is too always be informed and aware. Being updated with the newest intel of the situation helps you know what to do to slow down or stop something like this or help it from never happening in the first place. 
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Resources used in your research

In our research our group used the following websites from Edmodo:Conflicts in Africa: All Africa: CIA Factbook: All Africa: CIA Factbook: