Yellow Fever

Meika Elliott


Yellow Fever is a disease that are caused from mosquito bites.But not all mosquito's can give you Yellow Fever, but the Aedus Aegypti can.

Where you can get Yellow Fever

The Aedus Aegypti is found in Africa and also in South America. In South America it is located in part of Brazil and part of Peru.


Stage one:eye turn red, fever, headache, vomiting, and bleeding in the gums.
Stage two:different heartbeats, eyes turn yellow, vomiting maybe with blood, excessive bleeding, and organ failure from blood

Stage three:coma, seizures, kidney failure, liver failure, and death The symptoms for Yellow

Fever doesn't usually show up until six days after you have been exposed to the Fever.

Severe Stage

Yellow Fever can hit a severe stage and it can go to your organs. If you have had it for awhile it will will affect these organs, Heart, Liver, and Kidneys.

Treatment/Similar diseases

There is no treatment for the Yellow Fever.If you have been treated during the mild part of the disease you are most likely not to get the moderate part of the Fever. You can get Yellow Fever more than once.The similar disease to Yellow Fever is a fever called Dengue Fever.


Preventing the disease can be easy or hard. You can prevent yourself from getting Yellow Fever by wearing clothes that covers most of your body and by using bug spray. Most people have screens on their house and have a net that goes over there bed.


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