Rhode Island Colony

The best place out of all 13 Colonies

Who founded our colony?

Our minister Roger Williams founded our beautiful colony. He was kicked out of Massachusetts for his strong opinions. That's what makes him a great person to help lead our colony to better and better things!
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Why did Roger Williams found our colony?

He came to found our colony so that we could have a chance for religious freedom. Our colony is known as a Haven for Justice.

Someone important in our colony

Anne Hutchinson was banished from Boston in 1637 for her religious and feminist beliefs. She stands up for women's rights and beliefs. There is a lot of respect for her in our colony.

Our climate is perfect!

We have mild and short summers, and long cold winters. We have very little disease because of this. Perfect for families!

What our land consists of

There are lots of forests with many trees. This is very useful for ships and homes! Much of our food comes from the ocean. There is plentiful food here! We have large, quiet bays very good for shipping ports.