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November 2021 Newsletter

Ka nui te mihi ki a koutou,

Message from the Principal

On reflection of this year, again of unprecedented circumstances - where key events and coming of age rituals like school balls and senior dinners were cancelled, where we had to find quick responses to connecting as a community online, it has emphasized that we must continue to embrace change and adapt, to chart a new course built from the strengths of what we do best – Teaching and Learning. Change is a constant in this rapidly evolving world and we stand firm in our belief that innovation is needed in education to prepare our students for a world where innovation, collaboration, resilience, and the ability to solve complex problems will be essential; a world where key strengths a young person will need are the ability to learn to be adaptable, relational and culturally strong. So to the whanau of Spotswood College, we must continue to be aspirational

  • To Connect
  • To Strengthen and
  • To Inspire each other.
  • To achieve personal excellence and build a better world for tomorrow.

It is a well-known adage that we get what we expect and our whole community must continue to expect great things from our College and our young people. Our collective challenge as a learning community, students staff, and whanau are to continue to grow not only resilient young people who experience academic success, but young people who are compassionate, considerate, and good people. We thank all whanau and members of our community for your ongoing support of our College and look forward to continuing to build strong working relationships focused on students thriving, confident in who they are and how they belong rather than needing to fit in.

As a Principal, the quality of our staff and the potential we have for making a profound difference in the lives and the learning of the students in our care is of huge importance to me. I feel very grateful to be working with amazing staff, the drive, passion, and determination which is underpinned by skill, knowledge, and empathy, this has seen teaching and learning continue to raise progress and achievement despite the ever-changing social, learning, and emotional needs that we are confronted with today. The resilience required from the 21st-century staff member in a school is an incredible mix of passion, professionalism, patience, and persistence.

Thank you to all of our staff.

Sadly, to leave us this year are also some wonderful members. I publicly acknowledge Martie Claassens, Liam Ward, Sonia Wuest-Harrop, John O'Keefe, and thank each of them for their considerable contributions to our College.

Lastly, to our Year 13’s. I have especially appreciated the way you have individually and collectively advocated for the student body on a range of matters. Our students are our most important stakeholders and I have been grateful for your considered and mature feedback. A special acknowledgement to our Head Prefects, Malakai Latavao and Esther Cocker, our Deputy Prefects and Prefects. To all of our Year 13 group, step out into the world with pride and always rise to the challenges life offers you. Face your future with inspiration and a desire to make a go of any opportunity that comes your way.

Kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanu

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

At Spotswood College, we are reviewing our statement on the delivery of the health curriculum to ensure that our health education programme meets the needs of the school community.

The following link will connect you to the Spotswood College Health Curriculum Community Consultation statement:

Health Curriculum Document

Your feedback on this document would be appreciated. Answers to the following questions can also be submitted via e-mail to

What, in these four areas, do you consider important for students to learn and why?

  • Mental Health
  • Sexuality Education
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Body Care and Physical Safety

What does Spotswood College do well in helping our students to maintain or improve their well-being?

What other information would you like about our health programme?

Are you concerned about any particular aspect of health education being taught in the classroom?

Are there any other issues you think we should address?

Thank you for your time contributing to our consultation process. E-mails need to be completed by Friday 28th of November.

On-line enrolments are open, please use the link below.

Please click on the link to access the 2022 Junior Curriculum Booklet.
Please click on the link to access the 2022 Senior Curriculum Booklet.




Whaea Nicola email:

Deputy Principal

Mr Daryn Shaw email:

Deputy Principal

Mr Chris Lapworth email:

Senior Leadership

Mrs Paula Cast email:

Senior Leadership

Mrs Hilary Takarangi email:

Senior Leadership

Mr Darren Scott email:

Year 13 Dean

Ms Tracey Laurence email:

Year 12 Dean

Mr Wayne Cribb email:

Year 11 Dean

Mr Carlin Kumeroa email:

Year 10 Dean

Ms Rebecca McKerchar email:

Year 9 Dean

Mr Darren Scott email:

Junior Dean

Ms Jana Robertson email:

Senior Dean

Ms Stephanie Julian email:

International Director

Mrs Nicola Healy email:


A huge thank you to our outgoing Head Prefects, Malakai Latavao and Esther Cocker, and a huge congratulations to our incoming Head Prefects, Justin Goundar and Aisha Campbell!

Wishing you all a wonderful year ahead!

Prefects for 2022

Congratulations to our new Prefects for 2002.

Head Prefects

Aisha Campbell

Justin Goundar

Deputy Head Prefects

Sienna Benefield

Mishka Rosa

Eli Penno

Amber Moorhouse

Hana Ono

Jamie White


Mia Cruse

Mika Doron

Jolee Brougham

Briar Harrison

Amber McDonald

Austen McDonald

Connor Meyburg

Jazmine Murray

Jessica Proctor

Olivia Wong-Too

Kiralee Willan

Year 13 Leavers Luncheon and clapping out of the school gates.

To the Year 13 cohort of 2021, we celebrate and wish you all the very best!

Covid-19: Taranaki principals get creative to farewell seniors
Congratulations to all the senior prizegiving winners.

Please click on the link below for a full list of winners.

We enjoy seeing the talents of our young people been celebrated and shared. It was great to see Breana Kaponga exhibit her artwork at The Collaboration NP!
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Our Robotics teams competed on 6th and 7th November, we got some great results. One of our Junior teams consisting of Aiden Hocking, Daniel Marshall , Sam Pattison and Liam Hofmans came second in the teamwork finals.

Congratulations to them and all of our other competitors.

Stacey Hayes' acting chops have landed her a spot on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Shakespeare's Globe in London.


Ngā mihi ki a tātou katoa,

it is with great delight that we wish to inform you all that we have completed the student election and now have a new representative for our taiohi.

Big congratulations to Mika Doran who is elated with the outcome and super excited to be joining the Spotswood College Board.

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Congratulations to Oliver Hill Yesr 13 who was named Central Football Junior Sportsman of the Year!
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The Junior boys team won the Taranaki Secondary junior volleyball Regional championships last night after 2 rounds of competition. They recorded a 7 win 1 loss record.

Boys involved Zalan Lizan, Bryn Smith, Dennym Tito, Balu Molnar, Mason Horo-Maddaford, Xzavier Barnes, Harlem Tito, Ajae Brown, Zander Dodunski, Ollie Smith

Final round we won


Waitara HS 2-0

Hawera HS 2-0


Picture is of the boys after they knew they won the competition.

Our girls team played valiantly and did record some good set victories.

Congratulations also to Nikki Tamati, Anna Clough, Scarlett Dinnis, Aliana Scholey, Haruna Saito, Isabel McFarlane, Tia Christinasen, Larissa Hodges, Chelsea Gartner, Aster Danenhauer, Caitlin Collins

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Student Start-up Information Year 9-13 (not Prefects) 2022

School Terms

TERM 4 Monday 18th October – 10th December

Labour Day Monday 25th October



Tuesday 1st February – Thursday 14th April - (11 weeks)

Waitangi Day Monday 7th February

Anniversary Day Monday 14th March

Good Friday Friday 15th April

Easter Monday Monday 18th April

Easter Tuesday Tuesday 17th April

ANZAC Day Monday 25th April (falls in term vacation)


Monday 2nd May – Friday 8th July - (10 weeks)

Queens Birthday Monday 6th June

Matariki Friday 24th June


Monday 25th July – Friday 30th September - (10 weeks)


Monday 17th October – TBC

Labour Day Monday 24th October


We have a school attendance target of above 90% for every student. To ensure that together we reach this, it is important that if you know your child is going to be absent from school, that you please contact the school by using one of the following options.

Option 1: Telephone the school on 06 751 2416 and speak to the receptionist (Tracey) or Attendance Officer (Jenine).

Option 2: Send a text to the Attendance Officer (Jenine) on 021 023 93060

Option 3: send an email to the Attendance Officer (Jenine) -

Option 4: Leave a message on the Attendance hotline by calling the school on 06 751 2416 and press (1) to report a student absence. Record your child’s name, parents name, contact details and reason for absence.

If for any reason you are concerned about your child’s attendance, you can speak with the Attendance Officer (see contact details above) or she will pass you on to the DEAN or your child’s Learning Advisor.

School Uniform

Our expectation as a school whanau is that our young people are in the correct uniform at all times. As we are now heading into cooler weather, it is important that students have the correct winter school uniform. Items can be purchased from our Uniform Shop.

We also have a large accumulation of uniforms that are a part of lost property that is kept in this space, If your child has a missing school item, please encourage them to check the lost property racks.

Uniform shop hours

Uniform shop hours each week are as follows:

8.00 am to 9.00 am & Interval - Monday to Friday.

Phone 751 2416 Ext 721.


Reminder school finishes at 2.10 pm every Wednesday.


22nd - NCEA Exams start

30th Teacher Only Day

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